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Who can stop THE Knoxville Nightmare??

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We plan on putting a stop to the dynasty in 2009! Althought we are getting older, and your team seems to be getting younger. Once i figure out how Wes is doing that, your in trouble!!!!!

Go Tribe!
We know how to recruit!!! And Wes dont recruit I do the recruiting! He gets the ok guys, I bring the CY Young And Batting Champ To play with us! as long as we have Zurcher, Wes, Jason, Me, and Josh i dont think any one can hang with THE 2008 ETABL CHAMPS LOL!!!!!

Hey shane, is there any more teams coming into the league this year?? Im trying to get one of my friends who played in that Medal bat league to join the league. He coached the Red Sox. Im trying to get him to bring his team in the ETABL to make it more competetive!

GO 2008 ETABL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!! haha
Ill tell you how I do it, I live across the street form one high school that my sister attends so so I get all those guys I want, next my brother goes to a different high school so I get all those guys, then i try to give away 3 of the better players in the league; Jason Fuller, Justin Jackson, and Ashton Evans, and no one wants them so I keep them and they prove to be all-stars? I guess im just awesome.
I would love to get a few more teams into the league, talk him into getting the Red Sox to play.
Over the winter the Cavs have added at least 15 pounds, gotten older, and have now officially learned to walk as opposed to the slow jog the league has come to get used too. Stop the Nightmare? Are you kidding? Nobody can stop the Nightmare. Except the CAVS. Be afraid . . . Be very afraid!


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