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Hello All

I am looking for a little help finding GOOD quality leather hides. I strap my own laces. Mostly because I use 1/4" wide lacing in the pocket and fingers area. I have a buddy who catches bull pen for the AAA Phillies team (Iron Pigs) I have re-laced his glove in white and the guys love it. I use 1/4" and that leather was from Kentucky Leather & Hide. It was very good quality but I haven't been able to get a response from him in quite a while. I think they may not be open as they once where.
I found the 1/4" lacing worked best in the pocket and fingers and I found that strapping my own lacing has been best and most effective with keeping the cost of the leather lace down. The guy I get the 1/4" lacing from, I need to get 100 laces at a time and it's still $1.80 a lace. When I strap my own laces, I can get the price down too about $.85 to $1.00 a lace. PLUS the hides are usually 88" to 92" long. The belly section is not as long or as strong. (About the bottom 8" of the hide) I have found that the bellies can be used for the palm area's as well as the outer edge of the catcher's mitts and the 1st basemen's mitts. So I do get 100% use out of the hides. Once I square them up. The waste I use for repairs and odds and ends.
My biggest problem I keep running into, I am so small and when I put in a order it's too small & I need to piggy back on to other orders I am told. One hide isn't a huge order. Yet, a whole hide seems to last quite a while, UNLESS it's Indian tan, black, or red.
Any suggestions would be huge. Thanks guys

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