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Does This Make Sense?

Started by Bill Stanton. Last reply by Rod Haney Jul 11, 2014. 10 Replies

I saw this article where Dale Sveum, Royals Hitting Coach discusses the struggle that…Continue

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What is a "PURE HITTER?"

Started by Bill Stanton. Last reply by Michael Richards Jun 25, 2014. 7 Replies

I am reading this article on ESPN, "Who are MLB's best pure hitters?" and it made me think.  I think…Continue

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Attention All Hitting Coaches: What mindset do you teach your hitters?

Started by Dave Holt. Last reply by Phil Schnorr Jun 19, 2014. 22 Replies

Calling all hitting coaches: What kind of mindset do you teach your hitters? Do you want them to think aggressively and…Continue

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Comment by The CheckSwing Clubhouse on February 4, 2014 at 3:36pm

There is some great baseball commentary in this discussion, but far too often it seems that guys look to debunk or rip apart another person's comments as opposed to just providing smart info.

There are certainly many discussions on CS about "Debating hitting theories" (as Dave said) and those discussions can get heated. When you get opinionated, passionate, smart individuals in a discussion it's bound to happen. That is fine.

This specific discussion isn't one of them and I'm surprised it went this way.

Jeff was right to call people out. This is not what CS is about. We need to be able to share info, debate and do it in a manner that is more diplomatic.

Speaking on behalf of CS, we get many emails from great coaches who say they would love to participate more, but hesitate to because it always ends up in an argument. I hope we can avoid this and still help each other learn more about the game.  Thanks.

Comment by Richard Lovell on February 4, 2014 at 3:12pm

Bravo, Dave V.  I think most meant well by putting in their comments and not necessarily taking offense.  Unfortunately, as Dave points out, it turned into something other than "for the kid". I put quotations around "for the kid" because I see it in our hometown LL''s for the kids and that usually translates to something else.

To Brandon, you seem to be a very level headed coach, guy, and most importantly, father. Your son has obviously picked that up as well. I only wish I had learned this at an earlier age and was as coachable as your son seem sot be...keep up the fun!

When I hear people that call themselves instructors talk about the many different swings in this game of baseball it raises a red flag. To me, they don't really have a grasp on the what the swing is versus a payers personal style.  I see "style" as anything that happens before front heel plant and after the Power V/extension; Technique, or mechanics if you twill is everything between front heel plant and Power V.  You don't mess with a hitters style unless it interferes with his technique...period.  Case in point is Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis. When he was in HS back in Longview, TX, (I happen to be from Longview and that's why I give the props) Chris was a great talent that absolutely crushed the ball. When he was selected by Texas they felt they needed to put him into a "mold" or "cookie cutter" hitting program and changed his style.  That mistake almost cost this kid his baseball career. Just read the article/post that was plead here in CheckSwing. He was and is an upright standing hitter much like Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, etc., however if you compare by video from heel plant to power V, all of these, and 95% of HOF MLB players, get into the same positions at launch, approach, contact, and extension(before wrist roll). If this doesn't convince you there is a difference between style or whatever you want to call it vs technique or whatever you want to cal it, in my humble opinion you are doing your players and students a disservice and you refuse to be open minded and agree that some of the old ways baseball was taught was wrong.

I have said my piece and agree with Dave V...move any responses to my comments here to another forum and just tell Brandon his boy is doing great and doesn't need to change a thing right now.  Just make small adjustments as you need them and keep having fun.  Unfortunately, we "experts" sometimes forget this part of the game when we are discussing the finer points. In the meantime, as Dave V mentions, keep educating your son and he will be able to make his own adjustments and be a better hitter  and player for it.  

Enjoy everyone.

Comment by Dave Vaccaro on February 4, 2014 at 1:04pm
This conversation has turned in to something that belongs in a new group titled, "Debating hitting theories". However, there is a line you have to draw as far as when/where to interject with a 7 year old's swing and what to leave alone. I like to think about some of the bad habits that you come across when a child gets a little older and the mold begins to harden. Things such as NO trigger/timing mechanism, top to bottom swing, long circular bat path, etc... These things do not fix themselves.

In Bill's defense, there is a difference in changing mechanics and educating. No matter what skill you are teaching (baseball related or not), we must first process the info to make sense of WHY we should or should not be doing something. If this intellectual connection is made at a young age, you will find the child sooner or later making his own adjustments to satisfy what needs to accomplished such as energy transfer, bat plane, staying in the zone ,etc...

I guess what I am saying is that it doesn't hurt to TALK hitting with a 7 year old so that he understands what is trying to be accomplished without jumping in and changing things unless they are total RED lights.
Comment by Coach Mike on February 4, 2014 at 12:54pm

I think Bryden's dad got the information he was looking for. That's the main thing.

Comment by Jeff Schaefer on February 4, 2014 at 12:53pm

Is this really what CheckSwing is about? Ego's and roid rage. Are you kidding me. Take your girl quarrel out of this forum. It is about the 7 year old with a really good swing not whose is bigger. Sad

Comment by BILL SANDILLO on February 4, 2014 at 12:40pm

Mike - Get your stuff together buddy. I'm not trying to sell the dad. I offered my opinion that all YOU turned it into the sales thing by saying what you said. Get over yourself. Like I said everyone NOT just you and a mselect few get to voice there opinion on things. It was an observation and if you read what Brandon and I (not you) talked about had very little to do with selling anything. He asked I gave my thoughts. you and everyone else do not have to like it but respond to brandon not ME. Dont critiquic my responce just give your own. I will say it again to the guys who dont work full-time in this game, there are a lot of ways to teach this game, your way is NOT the only way and nits NOT the best way. Move on.......

Comment by Coach Mike on February 4, 2014 at 11:57am

Bill, you are the only one in the discussion thread who recommended this boy's dad change him. So, you're the only one who may have an agenda here. You're the sales guy ("my cookie-cutter syllabus has made over 120 million in the bigs and over 10 million in college scholarships"). I and every other respondent so far said leave the kid alone for obvious reasons.

You're the one who stated how your school teaches "stride" ("at my baseball school we don't teach a large stride especially to 7-year olds"). A blanket statement. Cookie-cutter. The business end of it impairs your ability to see and treat these kids as individuals. I get it. I've seen it too many times. I'm admittedly sensitive to it.

So, for me, sparing a young athlete from potentially having his natural gifts yield and assimilate to a program is damn sure something worth being right about.

I wasn't contributing to the discussion to try to convince you of anything. What would be the point of that?

I provided my comment to the poster as an advocate, one dad to another.

I'm always looking to learn more and better about the game, hitting in particular.

Comment by J Edwards on February 4, 2014 at 11:08am

Show the video.

This 7 yr old doesn't over stride. He has a sequential swing. Its loaded with balance, rhythm and timing. What more do you want out of a hitter?

Stride length is a symptom. Its a result. There are many varying degrees of stride length in the big leagues. Stride length is a worthless landmark.

Comment by BILL SANDILLO on February 4, 2014 at 10:10am
Wow, couple things; first hitting is HARD PERIOD! That has nothing to do with instruction. If everyone could hit, everyone would play at the highest levels. Lets not make crazy comments. A swing at 7 will look different at 15. You can take any ONE swing out of any hitting video to prove any point. What you do is comical. You will always be right I can already see that. You will always throw your point down someone throat just to be right. That's easy to see. No one is defecting anything, the parent simply asked for feedback. If he wants instruction down the road then I'm sure you will be there for him lol. What irresponsible as a coach is to put up video of big league guys comparing his swing to a 7-year old swing just because you want to argue tall to small. Get real. For every video you put up I can show you 1000 videos of guys who don't go tall to small and hit bombs. This kid has a great swing, That was already stated by me several times. Second; I didn't interject a cookie-cutter school syllabus to his Dad. I mearly made and observation that all. But again guys like you just like to hear yourself talk. The "need" to be right is apparent. But be careful when talking about hitting, you sometimes don't know who your talking to. You can read all the books you want about mechanics of the swing and COM (center of mass). But a swing at 7 may not be a swing at 15. And my cookie-cutter syllabus has made over 120 million in the bigs and over 10 million in college scholarships. Just time instead of trying to be right in every argument try to understand that there's a ton a ways to teach this game and your way is not the only way.
Comment by BRANDON BULL on February 4, 2014 at 9:06am

I want to thank everybody for their input.  I as his coach and father just wanted some perspective on whether there was anything mechanical that was holding him back.  It's hard to see when you work with him daily if I am seeing the same things as you might having never seen him before.  All of your comments have been very helpful.  Thanks.


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