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Let's talk hitting Mechanics

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Comment by Richard Lovell on February 27, 2014 at 11:17am
Ted, Dave, Mike and...,
Interestingly, a man with the same first name, Ted, arguably considered the greatest hitter of all time, unequivocally stated that he NEVER saw his bat hit the ball. It has also been claimed by others that he was such a great hitter because of his great eyesight. Curious then how a coaching truism such as "keep your eye on the ball" has stayed around for so long. It has been scientifically proven that you lose sight of the ball approximately eight feet in front of home plate; google it.
As far as stance, it's part of a players style, not his technique. Whatever is comfortable for the player, as long as it doesn't interfere with getting to the universal launch position, is ok. This is the part of cookie-cutter I think most coaches and "hitting instructors" get wrong. You can argue all you like, but it's proven day in and day out...Bonds, Mays, Aaron, Ruth, Gherig, Jackson, Thome, Mauer, Gerrero, and the list goes on, had different styles or stances if you prefer, but at launch-pretty much the same. Stance/styles are so different, but at launch-all are in the relative same position: front heel down/planted, front shoulder tilted slightly down, bat close to or against the shoulder, hands at approximate shoulder height, rear knee pinching towards front and heel beginning to raise off the ground. Can you what if me on this or we'll...? Sure, depending on pitch location, but this is the universal launch position on a middle/middle in pitch which is where the money is made in MLB.once the mechanics are perfected on this pitch, 2,000-3,000 swings/reps later, the brain and body make the necessary adjustments to other pitch locations. Is it important to see the ball well? Sure, at release from the pitcher's hand and before it is half way the brain has already made the calculations as to speed, trajectory, etc.
I'm sure to have ruffled some feathers and "riled" one or two up, but all I am saying is I think a lot of people either try and sale their gimmick for being an expert and haven't truly studied the MLB swing under high speed/slow motion with an open mind or really don't understand. It's like telling a player to throw his hands or swing down and hit the top half of the ball. If the MLB players don't do that then why are we teaching our young players to do it? Why would you tell a hitter to do exactly what a pitcher wants you to do?-hit a ground ball...silly to me. Hit it hard on a line and you will be successful. A base hit is a bonus. Enjoy.
Comment by Troy Silva on December 2, 2013 at 12:53am
For the REAL truth about hitting mechanics, check out my newly released book, "9 Innings of Hitting". It is an Amazon #1 best seller for coaching baseball!
Comment by Justin McClure on July 16, 2013 at 6:10pm


Launch Laser is a visual training aid that attaches to the knob of the bat and provides a visual reference point on the ground. The device helps instruct the fundamentals of proper swing mechanics; which include loading the hands into a good launch position and tracking the swing path. Ask us about our coaches program by emailing us at


Visit us at for more information about the product.

Comment by Hubie Magic team Hitting Coach on April 7, 2012 at 9:47am
Here are some things that are being taught that may cause some set-backs in a hitters ability to hit the ball hard, far, and with greater consistency...
1. Bring the knob of the bat to the ball
2. Quick hands down to the ball
3. Back Toe and Knee to the ball
4. Turn your hips!
5. Get your front foot down
These coaching tips could just get your hitters off balance or to lose their true power potential in the swing. After being a hitting coach for more than 20 years, I at one point realized that this information was just obvious things you could see on film...but the teaching cues did not have a significant impac on the hitter
I learned that these things may seem to appear what is happening on video with great hitters, but are not what is actually what is happening under the skin of the hitter. So I learned to not to teach what I could see in hitting because the answers lied in learning how to teach the the secrets "under the hood" of the hitter. Meaning what particular muscles are really popping to cause a chain reaction of events to produce a smooth and powerful swing that seems effortless.
Hitting the baseball is one of the most mysterious and spiritual skills to master. Teaching it is just as difficult until you learn how simple it really is...once you get under the hood of the hitter!
Team Hitting Specialist and Confidence Trainer, Mike Huber, has traveled the country to help baseball teams improve their hitting skills at a record breaking pace. His special technique patterned after the swing of Ted Williams has helped teams set over 60 state, national, and/or team hitting records while training over 70 different teams since the late 1990s.  He is the author of the book, Tapping Into the Spirit of Ted Williams. This book reveals the secret of this special technique and how Hubie used it to help Ted Williams son, John Henry Williams, hit successfully in the minor leagues prior to his death. Book availability

Comment by Larry Cicchiello on February 11, 2012 at 11:35am

Quick hands, SHORT to the ball, keep front side closed.

Comment by Carl Young II on April 18, 2011 at 6:20pm
Just wanted to say Hi to the Group. Just joined. Hitting mechanics is a major area of interest for me, so I'm happy to be around fellow enthusiasts.
Comment by Sean Hanifee on March 25, 2011 at 12:22pm
B. Snyder, “I can feel it.”

B. Snyder, “I swear, if you punched me as hard as you can while I am swinging, I wouldn’t fall down. I feel like I am screwed in the ground.”

B. Snyder: Live Hitting Off the BASEBALLANCE

B. Snyder: Dugout to Dugout Rockers, Back View

B. Snyder: Long Rocker Set, Weight Transfer Forward
Comment by Dion Chamar Owens on February 15, 2011 at 1:54pm
To the comment about you tube...Amen
Comment by Bill Adkins on January 31, 2011 at 12:12pm


Send me your info to and I will forward this conversation to Brian O'Connor as well as an advisor that I know and trust. 


Best of luck

Comment by Avery Romero on January 31, 2011 at 11:57am


You are absolutely correct. During batting practice and actuall games, Avery's front foot lands in exactly or maybe just one to two inches forward of his starting spot. As you noticed in the HR derby he is striding forward quite dramaticaly. I think part of that was the 75 mph pitching machine. It was a jugs machine with the two wheels and the timing involved there is horrible (not like the iron Mike). I beleive he was adding extra umph and he was still working out the timing thing. To anser your other question as to whether he is commited. He is a junior in high school and plays SS. He has verbally comitted to the University of Florida but, like i said it is a verbal. We have received correspondence from just about every D1 school in the country, including the University of Virginia. I don't know if you are familiar with Perfect Game but he is ranked 25 th overall in the nation and number 1 middle infielder in the country for the class of 2012. In regards to agents/advisors i would not be telling you the truth if i said we have not been approached (20  to 25 or so). We have not chosen an advisor simply because i want to hear what they all have to say and what they can do for Avery. So if you have anyone in mind, in all fairness we will give them a chance to let us know what they can provide. In regards to UV, we have not had any official/unofficial invites but, will seriously consider if one comes along. Thanks for the help. By the way, avery batted .588 as a freshman on his varsity team and was the only freshman on the All State team. 


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