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H.S. tryouts are getting set to begin in our area... Any ideas on how to help a Freshman on getting ready? Thanks.

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We actually meet our coaches tomorrow at the Freshman high school orientation event.  We're here in Cali so we play all the time (See Twinjas baseball on Facebook) but I'd definitely hit the basics like fly ball drills, grounders, and some BP.  Don't wait until the day before tryouts to get re-adjusted to the diamond.  Spend 3-4 days in the cages and hitting off of a tee just to get the right swing path and balance.  Coaches like hitters but if your son can field a groundball well and has an accurate arm, he'll see action.  A guy like that makes pitchers look good.  If you don't prepare even minimally, you'll have trouble.

Thanks, Kelly. This is encouraging because my son has been working out almost since school started in late Summer, with some off/rest time here and there. He even volunteered to help out in a couple local camps just to be in the action. I guess I'm just a bit concerned because he played in a 13U travel team last year and now he's making the jump to H.S. playing with 15U. And according to a couple coaches they want to move him up to play with the Sophomers. This was early in the school year, of course well before the tryouts, but I was putting it out there to see if anyone had experience in what H.S. coaches were looking for. Again, Thanks.

Not trying to be a smart-aleck, but starting 4-6 weeks before for conditioning, 3-4 weeks before tryouts to get the arm in shape and probably the same for getting the bat back in tune-if you've been off prior and not playing any ball. Since you don't have that kind of time, warm up to throw (not the other way round) and begin throwing now; 5-10 minutes a day If you have a local guy that does video evaluations of pitching and hitting, seek them out to see where improvements can be made. I know this stirs a lot of feathers, but without video to determine where the flaws actually are (pitching or hitting), you're just guessing at what you think the problem is, or isn't, based on results. I know, I know, there are many out there that can determine hitting and pitching mistakes/flaws without video, but I disagree. The motion of either movement is too fast and a lot of players can hit the target without proper throwing technique, or hit a good line drive without good technique.  There are quite a few guys out there that do good, accurate video analysis baed on a video you send in. I do that as well, but I am not selling myself here, so I would recommend seeking out Jake Epstein-one of the best in hitting video analysis and correcting swing flaws fast. Best of luck to you and your son.

This is a great idea Richard. I am immediately going to look for someone/somewhere where they do this. Thank you so much, Richard. 

You're welcome. Like I said, Jake Epstein is about the best in the business when it comes to video analysis and correcting swing flaws. I'm an old guy and have about 15-20 years on Jake and he is my mentor; along with his dad Mike. I would look him up online at and check it out. He has a great example video on the Home Page that will give you an idea of what he does. Tell Jake I sent you probably won't get you a discount and even might get you in trouble-ha!-but at least he will know where you are coming from. Good luck and you are very welcome. Glad I could help.

Great point. Video is so easy these days. iPhone/Samsung, any smartphone has video capabilities that will work. Even if you don't have the budget to pay an experienced hitting coach to evaluate the video, it's helpful just to see. Kids can often self-correct just from seeing video.


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