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What is the role of the front elbow in the baseball swing?


What is the correct positioning of the front elbow during set up, then swing?


How important is the front elbow?


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The front elbow is the probably close to the most important aspect of a swing when talking about mechanics from the waist, up.  The hips fire first as the batter drives the back knee into the strike zone, but then the top half follows.  When the top half starts, the front elbow needs to lead everything else.  The front elbow needs to move straight ahead as if the hitter wants to hit the pitcher in the face with their elbow.  Once the front elbow gets to a point where it can't go any further, that's when the hands start to extend forward, letting the bat ride down the back shoulder (along the deltoid, not on top).  Once the hands are extended, then the bat releases, giving the batter a nice angle on the ball with their bat, allowing them to hit the inside seam of the baseball and drive it to all fields.  Leading with the front elbow, straight at the pitcher allows the front shoulder to stay closed and not fly out too early, which is a major problem of younger baseball players.

I also agree with Don the front elbow must go forward toward the pitchers head, this does help with keeping the front shoulder closed before contact.


The role of the front elbow is HUGE! The path of the front elbow is what prevents wrist roll over. I know that sounds crazy, but t is supination of the front elbow/forearm that causes roll over. There are different reasons for supination.

1. The obvious is the "chop" style swing or having the barrel of the bat above your hands at or near the time of contact. To finish rotating in a circle the front elbow must supinate so it can finish above our front shoulder.

2. Incomplete rotation of the hips. If you don't completely rotate your hips at some point in the swing your front elbow will have to supinate to finish the rotating motion and have the bat finish above the front shoulder.

3. Incomplete rotation of the shoulders, yes the shoulders have to rotate as well. It is late, but it does happen. You can't keep it "closed" the entire swing if they do not rotate completely then the front elbow will supinate so the bat can finish above the front shoulder.

4. Any combination of the above in conjunction with each other.

Try this: hold your bat in your bottom hand woul like you would be batting. Now turn your front elbow downward. what happens? The bat in your hand "rolls over". It has to or your radius, the bone on the side of your thumb, would snap.

It is important to have the front elbow travel slightly upward as it rotates around during the swing. This slight upward angle keeps the elbow from supinating and keeps hands in palm up plam down from the time the bat is on the shouler through contact and extention.


Just my thoughts

The lead elbow must move as a UNIT with the upper body.


The upper body must "lateral tilt"


Just like Kent's shoulders lateral tilt.

















The lead elbow will "Jut" as a result of lateral tilt of the shoulders. It will do it at different heights based on the height of the ball being swung at.











Keeping the hands connected to the rear shoulder by keeping the top hand arm forearm pinched towards the bicep is the key. Getting the top hand forearm "vertical" under the top hand is the key. This allows for the lead elbow to "jut"













You can NOT push your arms straight towards the ball and have a good lead elbow. The hands must stay connected to the rear shoulder so that the barrel will whip around the hands.


This is in slow motion so you can see the correct action.













The lead elbow comes from the hands turning the barrel down and backwards WITHOUT the arms pulling the hands forward towards the ball. Like Pujols below.


Mr. Edwards says...


"This is in slow motion so you can see the correct action."


Prior to that, Mr. Edwards said....


"The upper body must lateral tilt".



He is simply rotating his shoulders.  That is why his lead elbow goes WAY too high when he tries to jut.


Mr. Edwards.....why in your 'this is the correct action' swing.....does your hitter NOT laterally tilt?


Mr. Edwards gives lip service to many absolutes in hitting but has NEVER produce one hitter swinging in the high level pattern.

As alway your agenda driven. He 1st had to learn to turn the barrel without using his arms.


He will NEVER stay on point.  Bob and weave.  Serpentine.  Rope a dope.


Now he wants to change the subject to the hand pivot point.  He made another statment not founded in fact, nor video, and he must run from it by changing the subject.....again.


Before the subject was the importance of lateral tilt....lateral tilt that is missing in his students swing....even though he says...."this is in slow motion so you can see the correct action".


Stick'll see him make a fool of himself over and over and over.

Your not worth the time. Your a known liar. A non truth seeker.



What he won't tell you is that the kid runs a 6.3 60 yard dash and is small boned. A lead off hitters speed, quickness and build.


A Freshman ALL-American at the D1 level and one of the top centerfielders in the entire country and yet he wants him to hit the ball in the air like Pujols. What he also won't tell you is that he has no idea what the game is about in reality. He wants the 1% swing mechanic and so do I....but they all arent going to be because of what they are profile wise.


The player has tilt when he needs to tilt. Again he is lost. The degree of tilt can and will vary based on any number of factors.


He has no idea what a profile is as it relates to position players.

See it folks.  Now that I've pointed it out you won't need me to see it.


HE.....not me.....said the hitter was demonstrating the proper action.


When shown that the hitter isn't laterally tilting.....and instead he's rotating the shoulders......Mr. Edwards THEN talks about the guys 60 time.


Wrong on the deep whoosh.

Wrong on the knees spreading.

Wrong on the lateral tilt.


He will now mention a fourth subject.....and is likely to be wrong on that too.


When you house is built on will collapse.


Question...........Does Victorino hit the ball in the air?



Sure he does. Throw up Victorino's swing. Find a good one.


Question.....why you scrambling so hard. Business bad? lol

In the stance, the front elbow height is very important. More important is the relationship between the heights of the hands, the front elbow, and the back elbow.

In the stance, the hands should be at least the same height of the back elbow or higher. The front elbow should be lower than the back elbow.

This "triangle" (hands are highest point, front elbow lowest point, back elbow in between) creates a lever system that slots into position during launch that applies force to the bat, driving it through the hitting zone.

The distance between the two elbows usually does not change much in a high level swing. At times you will see hitters raise their back elbow a bit during their load, but it then comes back down into the slot as the front elbow begins it's path forward.

Just be natural and relaxed. Teach the sequence. It can be attained from many positions in the stance. As evident by Bonds, Griffey, Pujols and many of the old timers.


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It's easier to teach the sequence from the position I described. The back elbow can be as high or low as the hitter wants as long as his hands are higher. Just trying to make it easier on the hitter to get to the slot.

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