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I've been using an app for analyzing players swings on my Ipad called ICoacher it's free and works well.

What software or apps have you been using?

Feel free to share your opinions and experiences.

Kind Regards

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I think those app are cool, but the problem that I have is the camera on the devices it might only record at 15-30 frames per second. To really see the entire swing clearly you need a camera that shoots high speed video at speeds from 100-250 frames per second. I only know of two on the market in the 350-400 dollar range. I have one a it shoots great high speed video.

I tried finding that app on the app store, but nothing came up. Is it still callled Icoacher?


It's called coach my video now.

Here is the link

Try  They have a web based PC and Mac app and mobile apps that both telestrate and let you upload phone videos to your locker.  The Dodgers use it and so does Little League Baseball.  On the laptop version you can do split screen and load MLB players.

I've used several; iCoach-it's ok, but I still get blur on my phone or iPad. Über sense makes a pretty good one for iPhone. ChalkTalk is good, but the videos do not download to your machine and they are basically the property of ChalkTalk. It's good though because you can register free and then purchase what you need to use as far as storage/lockers.

I use JC Video-Ultimate (purchase through Mike Epstein hitting-$150 for basic that does not do VoiceOver or $750 for the Ultimate that does voice over, calibration, and more) for giving lessons and video analysis. I use a Canon miniDV camera. With the Canon ($50-$100 on Amazon or Craig's list), you can shoot at 250, 1000, and up to 2000 fps if you find the right camera.

Good luck.

I use the  right view program on both my lab top and  samsung tablet. That way you can compare them next to a pro hitter or pitcher. The good thing about the tablet is you can mark it up and e mail it to the parents as a snap shots and send the video home also. The parents love being able to watch the video or look at the marked up snap shots at home

This is a little bit off topic, but I've been using the gopro this year along with a product called the lynkspyder to record our teams games and it has been incredible. I'd like to tell you how great it is but that would take a lot of time and effort.

Here is a link so that you can see it for yourselves.


Kostas- That is very interesting.  I have a GoPro, but find I just don't use it much other than when the kids use it on vacation at the beach. I am going to look into this product.

Hi all,

I'm Josh Greer, inventor and founder of LynkSpyder; thanks for the invite, Bill.  As Kostas pointed out (thanks for the plug, BTW) LynkSpyder is a bracket designed to mount GoPro cameras, as well as other small to medium cameras, to a chain link fence for the purpose of recording baseball and softball games, as well as tennis matches.

We generally record our entire games, using the setup described above.  From this, friends and family can see entire games they missed or specific highlights they want to see again.  But it also allows us to cut video snippets and use in various video analysis applications.  Here are our current favorites:

iPhone/iPad: Ubersense (formerly Excelade)

Android: Coach's Eye

PC: We are starting to play with PowerChalk (also works with Android and iStuff)

However, most of our slow motion and analysis work is done using video editing software.  The analysis tools mentioned above work good for some things, but slow motion combined with freeze frame and zooming is best done using software like Adobe Premiere Elements.  Here's a hitters composite we made a couple weeks ago in the USSSA U12AA World Series in Branson Missouri.  The video was shot using 2 GoPro cameras (Both Hero 3, one Black, and one White). Both were mounted to the fence using multiple LynkSpyders.  The video was synchronized and edited using Premiere Elements:

Hope this helps, and thanks for letting me share in the conversation,

Josh Greer
LynkSpyder - Chain Link Fence Camera Mount

Coaches Eye is all I use....Great app!!!!

The best one I've found is UberSense.  Easy to use and FREE!  I heard the iPhone 6 records at 200 frames/second.  Does anyone know if any of these apps can support that?


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