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Wouldn't it be nice if our kids/players actually listened to our words of wisdom?  I have a pair of twins named Cato and Casey.  We were fortunate to have helped lead our 11U Thousand Oaks Little League team to the California State title last year.  Once in a while they actually listen to dad.  I've posted a video or a link that actually demonstrates what happens when they pay attention.  You may want to share this with your kids simply to show them you know what you are talking about (if you really do :-)

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Great swing!  Congrats on winning the title.

Hmmmm, overall a pretty good swing, I don't think I would advocate the phrase or cue "sweep your hips through" to a young player. To me, that sounds like you want the player to sway their hips through causing forward head movement after heel plant and hips never turning, or rotating through. Good swing for age, but there is always room for improvement. I tried stopping at certain points of the swing and noticed at heel plant he has some bat drag, front shoulder is up, but what really makes him a bit better than most his age is his extension out front. He doesn't seem to roll his wrists early or swing up too much or down, for that matter. Not to mention he is exceptionally strong for his age.

Something unrelated to the actual mecahnics, but I did notice your son stands all the way to the front of the batters box. To me, this is not a good teach because as he gets older the pitching is not based on a slow, or fast pitcher. Pitching speeds vary by pitcher depending on the specific pitch they are throwing and a hitter who moves up for a "slow" pitcher and back for a fast pitcher will find themselves moving around in the box. Also, if you freeze the frame as his front foot plants, notice his front foot is out of the batters box. If an umpire is paying attention, that homerun gets called an out.

Good points, especially the stepping out of the front of the batter's box. He does move around in the box depending who is pitching. Check out twinjas baseball on Facebook for he and his twin brother's adjusted approach. They now take hitting from a Dominican fellow who is doing a pretty good job with them. The lefty had a few HRs, all three over 260 and his righty brother had one around 235 but their team lost to Golta South after leading 8-0. Long story there about bringing in a bad pitcher and pulling an ace after 35 pitches for no reason after getting over confidant we'd win. Big mistake.


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