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The "Old" vs "New" Swing

Started by Dave Vaccaro. Last reply by Dave Vaccaro Nov 2, 2018. 11 Replies

In this day and age of the “new” swing where an upward plane is over-exaggerated, it’s tough to decipher right from wrong.  This is especially true for players who bounce back and forth from coaches…Continue

Toe Tap vs. Leg Kick- what do you think?

Started by Bill Stanton. Last reply by Dave Vaccaro Oct 4, 2018. 3 Replies

Interesting article below using Lucas Duda and Jose Bautista as examples.  It debates the use of a "toe tap" vs. the use of a "leg kick".  Is there a right or wrong approach…Continue

Tags: Bautista, Jose, MLB, Lucas, Duda

H.S. Tryouts...

Started by Jose M Hernandez. Last reply by Grant Clifford Feb 10, 2016. 6 Replies

H.S. tryouts are getting set to begin in our area... Any ideas on how to help a Freshman on getting ready? Thanks.Continue

Tags: school, high, team, baseball, Tyrouts

Soft Toss?

Started by Grant Clifford. Last reply by Robin Cox Oct 14, 2015. 8 Replies

More and more I am thinking that soft toss is useless.The angle...  from the side just isn't working for me. It's convenient when an L-screen isn't available or for quick pre-game warmup.. but I…Continue

Tags: toss, soft, hitting

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Comment by Jhon Torres on June 16, 2016 at 8:35pm

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The Situation in my country is terribly crazy nowadays, and I know I shouldn’t be doing this and I know that this probably is something frown upon but I don’t have the money to buy what I need to continue playing the sport I love, My batting gloves are a mess, my metal cleats and running shoes are about to die too. I just want to write this because maybe a person in this webpage has some extra batting gloves or metal cleats or running shoes that does not longer use. I am size Large in Batting Gloves and size 9 in metal cleats and shoes.


If you think you can help me with this, please contact me, my e-mail is or you could also try to contact me via this web or by Facebook, Twitter, instagram with the user rogergxd


Sorry if this is very inappropriate, I never meant to annoy anyone at any level, thanks in advance.


John Torres

Caracas, Venezuela.

Comment by Bill Stanton on May 15, 2016 at 10:31pm

I listened to an opposing coach in a 9U game say over and over to his hitters, "pop the hip and squish that bug". 

Needless to say, they didn't the the ball well today.

Comment by Zach Jacobs on January 21, 2016 at 12:50am
Comment by bill kenik on August 28, 2015 at 10:09pm

rod, from your responses to me, it appears you make many assumptions.

and unsubstantiated at that.

if I am understanding what you've stated, you have somehow concluded or assumed I was talking about swing power after contact has been made.

if I have that correct, I have no idea what you read in my comments to lead you to that conclusion.

another problem I have with your comments is your contradictory statements.

you stated that golfers and loggers don't open their hips. then you state you didn't state this.

you need to reread your posts.

and maybe the problem is you've left out a few key and necessary words.

either way, I presented what you stated that was in conflict with your earlier comments and you just ignored it.

it's hard to have an intelligent, meaningful dialogue if one or more parties doesn't express exactly what they mean.

at the present time, in absence of any other information, all you've done is contradict yourself with respect to your comments to me.

and this includes you stating that I presented something I didn't.

Comment by Rod Haney on August 28, 2015 at 2:21pm



     I don't know what time zone you're in ,but if you're in the same one I'm in..

 ......DON'T YOU SLEEP ?????

    E-mail @ midnight ........(you didn't wait for reply I hope )

     I knew you couldn't resist.

     One word reply........RIGHT !

         Because of what you said about encountering argumentative people,I

     need you to understand I don't believe there is a right way or wrong way to

      train a young player to hit.

           There are different ways that produce different results.

            I will love to speak with you on the phone,but I believe our phone

            conversation will be much more productive if we have a good

            understanding of each others mind set.

                To lessen the burden of our e-mails,(and let you get some sleep)

           let's take one topic at a time.

                 And let me appear to be cute and insincere, and ask you if you

            agree that we want the balls' contact with the players' bat to be

            with-in the sweet spot area of their bat. 

                    Correct ???  ( you want to participate ?)




Comment by Rod Haney on August 28, 2015 at 1:59pm



      I can only reply with what I already told you I assumed.

      And that is when talking about the production of swing power....I thought

     everyone would be talking about the power of a swing that is delivered to

     the ball.

          Not power produced after the bat to ball contact transpired.

           For what ever reason I thought that would be a dumb thing to teach a

      young player.

           So for that assumption .......I apologize.


Comment by Richard Lovell on August 28, 2015 at 12:26am

Okay, rod, I just couldn't leave well enough alone..

I was pretty sure I couldn't answer with just a Yes or No...ha! Yes! (I already blew my one word answer, so what the hell)

Now I have to explain: this "selection" as you call it is actually an auto-adjustment the brain makes based on the players perfect swing that he has ingrained over thousands of repetitions...we call it "adjustments on the fly" based on pitch location and type of pitch. The legs play a role as do the shoulders...

As for the hour, I was estimating...maybe I could answer your question in less than an hour. A guy can hope, right?  Okay, I can see your sense of humor now. and yes, I am willing to discuss this with you if you are serious. I would also do a voiceover video with a MLB player showing you what I mean by all of this written word and send it in an email.

I actually answered this question: 

I said, the form of a question......''How do the hips produce swing power during the swing ? - My answer was, or at least the essence was that the hips are part of the Kinetic Link and must be utilized in the correct sequence to help produce power in the swing. Technically, the hips do not alone produce power.  The only way to produce power in the swing is by producing torque. Torque is produced by the separation between the hips and shoulders. Power can also be produced through ground force which is created with a weight shift.

Comment by Richard Lovell on August 28, 2015 at 12:25am



Comment by bill kenik on August 27, 2015 at 11:35pm
this is copied directly from your post from yesterday:
"If opening the hips produces swing come golfers don't do it..
and how come professional loggers don't do it when cutting a tree down with their axe ?"

have a nice day
Comment by Rod Haney on August 27, 2015 at 11:09pm


       Ditto.with your positions............with one possible set of questions.

    (surprised )

        Talk on phone for an hour !!!.............REALLY !

          One quick question......are you saying  (oh boy ) that a young player

       should be taught to select how they are going to swing their bat depending

        on where the ball is traveling ?

         Yes or no will do.    ( L O L  )




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