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What is your take on this story?? I was the Bullpen Catcher with the (NY-Y) AAA-Columbus Clippers back in 1996 making $25 a game when they won the Goveners Cup Championship. When celebrating the Championship in the club house, we were all told to get our Rings ordered by the GM. The GM told me that sense I was with the team for all 162+/- games that I would be able to order a Ring as well. Once the Rings came in we were able to pick them up at the front office or have them sent to us. I decided that I would pick mine up. When I went in to pick up my Ring The GM asked me if I had the $650 to pay for my Ring. I said what $$$ are you talking about. He said the $$$ that you need to buy your Ring. I told him that I had NO $$$ for the Ring because he never told me that I would have to purchase it. His reply was: "What, do you think that George Steinbrenner is made of money and will just buy a Ring for anyone." I was so angry that I started to find out if others in the front office and club house were getting free Rings. As it turned out, they were all getting Rings for free. Once the word got back to the GM that I was asking questions about everyone else getting free Rings, he told me that I would never get the Ring and that he was sending it back to the dealer. Does anyone else have a similar story to tell?

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Rusty, if you don't mind me asking, did you actually play in any of the games or were you exclusively the bullpen catcher? I don't mean to be insulting in any way, I am merely curious.
Insulting, NO way. No, I didn't get the chance to play. Although there was 1 day that I thought that I might sign a 2hr contract to finish a game. The Clippers had only 1 catcher that day because Posada got called up, the back up was traded and a 3rd was hurt. In the 3rd inning the catcher got hurt and could not finish the game. Someone from the dugout called down to the bullpen and told a P to tell me that I was going in. I was like what? As it turned out someone from the dugout was playing a joke on me. 3B Tracy Woodsen said that he would finish the game behind the plate. That was my closet opportunity to play in a MLB game. I did take batting practice several time throughout the season with the team. This experience as a bullpen catcher led me to sign a player/coaching contract in Europe the following yr. My European career lasted 8yrs before moving back to the states 5yrs ago to continue my coaching career.
Rusty...Was the GM's name Ken Schnacke?...Although, not knowing both sides of the story, it's hard to imagine Mr. Schnacke would treat you like that...If he did...that's a shame. I played for the Clippers in 1982 and the GM then was George Sisler. Mr Sisler was an outstanding GM and a great person and would not have done anything like that...Ken Schnacke was the Asst. GM at that time. If all that you said is true, then you were not treated right in my opinion(the only thing is that possibly you may have misunderstood the GM's statement "you may order a ring" and thought that the club was picking up the cost. In my opinion, if you were there working for them all year, they should have given you a ring also.


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