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For those of you administrating or coaching a travel baseball organization with multiple teams.....

Do you set an organizational philosophy from the top down?

Does each team run the same system or does each individual coach run his own system? I'm referring to practices, indoor workouts, pregame warmups, etc....  even uniforms.

Are you requiring all coaches to teach hitting, pitching, fielding and all baseball fundamentals in the same manner?  Or do coaches each use their own approach?

Do you have a manual or a playbook that coaches are required to follow?

I ask this because if you have 5, 10, 15 or 20 teams from 8U to 18U all under the same organizational structure there are many, many moving parts. You have many coaches, many opinions..  and many parents with opinions.

I'm curious to see how successful baseball programs are structured.

What has worked in the past? Best practices?

Have you tried things that look good on paper but failed miserably?

Remember "The Oriole Way", "The Dodger Way"?  Does this top down approach apply to travel baseball organizations?

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