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Anyone in the baseball network looking to start a new baseball academy or already have an existing baseball academy? I have an academy in Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm always looking for new idea's on baseball training at facilities. What are some of the new technologies out there that is helping with your day to day training for your kids? 

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Nate, I'm fairly new to Checkwing and was browsing around and found your post. Even thought its several years later I thought I would share with you my new and relevant technology for baseball/softball academy and facility owners.

The A-Screen Pitching Screen

Have you seen my design before?

The A-Screen Pro is slim and versatile, perfect for use in batting cages, facilities, or on any field. The curved side is used for normal full motion pitching and the straight side is used for softball and short toss.

To answer your question regards what "new technologies out there that is helping with your day to day training", the A-Screen is a safer design, made in the USA, and keeps coaches and players more protected during training. 

There are so many stories of coaches and kids getting hit during BP and our new technology and design in the A-Screen has eliminated the flaws of the L-Screens.

Read more at and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or perhaps have need for new and better pitching screens. 


How are things going at your academy in Cincinnati?

Video for all instruction is a must. Anyone that says they can give instruction without video because they played ball in XYZ, say no. Unless you believe that too.

Have an online reservation system.

A lot of the time the basics are your advanced ideas.

Good luck.

I guess my response was too long because it looks like someone really edited it big time. If you have other questions Nate, shoot me a message.

I work out of a facility in Washington.  We specialize in the mental piece of the hitting puzzle.  Developing and refining the visual and mental side of hitting.  We sell our machines all over the country.  Check us out.



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