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As far as high school rules and lower, I understand that if a runner gets hit with a popup during "infield fly situation," he is out and the batter is out. big question is what if the runner is standing on a base and gets hit by the popup? My common sense tells me that he is okay because where is he supposed to go. Can't find this in rule book or case book. My sincerest thanks for any replies! He has to be safe, right?

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The only time a base protects a baserunner is during an infield fly rule call.
MLB rule 7.08 (f)

(f) He is touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an

infielder. The ball is dead and no runner may score, nor runners advance, except

runners forced to advance. EXCEPTION: If a runner is touching his base when

touched by an Infield Fly, he is not out, although the batter is out;

You guys are terrific...many thanks! Case closed.

During a Mets spring training game years ago, Mike Piazza was on second base and another player, I can't remember who, was on first with less than two outs: a potential infield fly situation. I was umpiring on the bases, so was on the infield not too far from Piazza when the ball was popped up directly above second base. He kind of hunched over and twisted around, trying to maintain contact with the base while the fielder was trying to catch the ball in basically the same space Piazza was occupying. My partners and I invoked the infield fly rule and called the batter out, and after the play was over Piazza looked at me and asked, perfectly seriously, "What should I do when that happens?" I couldn't help but laugh: a major league All-Star, asking me, not even a legitimately "pro" umpire, about a rule. I told him pretty much what Kip and Jackie told you, Larry. "You did the right thing," I said. "As long as you don't deliberately interfere with the fielder in the act of catching the ball, you can't be called out for maintaining contact with the base once the infield fly rule is invoked." I've never forgotten that, that a major league All Star MVP asked me to explain a rule to him.

Piazza was always courteous and warm towards me; each spring when I'd see him on the field for the first time, I'd ask him, "Hey Mike, what's special about today?" And he'd always reply with a smile, "That you're out here." Smart Mikey! (The real answer I was seeking was: "Two Jeopardy! champions on one field." Piazza had won Celebrity Jeopardy! in 2001, while I was one of the youngest champions the show had ever had at the time: I was 19 years old in 1972 when I won on the original version of Jeopardy! with Art Fleming as the host and Don Pardo as the announcer. As you can see, I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that one long-ago win. I'm still getting a lot of mileage out of it :-)

Thanks very much for jumping in there Penny! My original post was that I thought the runner is okay if hit by the ball in IF situation (while on a base) but 95% sure is not quite good enough for me. With confirmation from 3 excellent sources like I just received, I am now extremely comfortable with this situation. My thanks to all!
Delighted to have jumped and landed, Lanny :-)


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