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Hey all,

I just read up that some companies use post-catalyzed two-part lacquers for clear coat. Does anyone have any experience with these? Can anyone enlighten me on what it is the big companies use to have such a tough clear coat? It's tough to scuff a Marucci or a LS, but with my clear it is scuffed easily...

I used to dip in an oil-based poly, but it was thick and would become brittle and chip after a while. I have started to mess around with water-based poly coats, but with using dye stains to color my bats, I cannot dip the clear any longer. The colors run. Also, the mirror-like high gloss finish is not longer possible.

Anyone have a product name they use and have had good results with? I'll appreciate any direction.


Trevor Moss

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Two part Epoxy...


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