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New on Checkswing but not new to the wood bat world, love this group.  Considering getting a CNC lathe.  I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with the Motioncat TC650E.  How is the Motion Cat CNC $57,000 new when all other true CNC's are over 100K like Centauro and Locatelli machines just to name a few?  I know it's made in the USA but that cannot account for a $40,000 difference.  I could be wrong but maybe part of it is because there is only one main cutting blade?  Also, where would one start to find a horizontal wood boring machine to cup bats?  Thanks boys!!

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PS, picture is attached

Drive down and see our CNC work. Then you will know the answers. Tom at Barnstable Bat

Hi Dana,

This may be a bit late but there are huge differences in the CNC's available. Centauro runs off floppy disk still, its old technology. The motioncat is also not very efficient for making bats. Both will do the job but in comparison to what Tom myself and Walt all use...there really is no comparison. I believe LS has a Locatelli which was extremely modified to make bats in roughly 30 seconds. That one had to be well over $200K, I think Carolina Clubs uses a Centauro which was also tricked out at the factory in Italy to be more efficient for bat production specifically.

Our programming is all done in windows base softwware. The biggest challenge is technical support when there is an issue. Thank goodness we haven't had much of an issue yet as the machine is extremely well made. I would not have gone any other direction looking back now. Spendy though at a starting price of $95K for the base model. Ours was in the $125K range base. We added a few options to do other work as well. If your going to spend that much make sure you have a lot of business lined up.

If you're ever in California you're welcome to come by and see ours in operation.

Chris Corso
Sandlot Stiks

Cool thanks Chris!  Yes, I have heard from several guys, some you mentioned and some others I know, and they all say that it is a heck of a well make machine.


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