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So went to look at rawlings bats the other day and i noticed that switched the side where they put the logo so its on the part were there grain isn't the U shape but were it is going straight up the bat. why is that? i noticed marucci doing it now too so i figured im missing something 

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You were looking at maple bats.  MLB now requires maple and birch bats to have the label on the edge grain so players will hit on the flat grain side.  This is just for woods with diffuse porous grain like maple and birch.  This was instituted when they started the ink dot test.

Good info John. I was wondering if this was to make the logo face forward and be more visible on TV for branding purposes.

That wouldn't have surprised me. :-) 

Hitters must remember to keep the label up in the twelve o'clock position and hit the ball at nine o'clock (right hand hitter) or three o'clock(left hand hitter). The bat will last longer and drive the ball a wee bit longer. Do not rotate the bat,hit in the same spot over and over. Hard hitting pros create an indentation in the sweet spot area which can be seen and felt. The sweet spot is about one sixth down from the barrel end. Tom

Most guys actually do this wrong and "label up" can be mis-leading.  If you hold the bat straight out in front of you and put the label up, you will almost make contact on the side opposite of the label, which is the same as hitting on the label side. Do this and go to "contact posture" of palm up, palm down and look where the label is.  You should really point the label about 45 degrees between you and the pitcher (when holding the bat vertically in front of you).

A little correction on the old adage.


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