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I am selling my bat manufacturing machinery as detailed below.  After a couple of years of not producing bats, it's time to move on and move the machinery.  I prefer a bulk sale to include the items listed below.  Price is $16,000.00 and includes all of the following:

Vega D-48 Duplicator with diamond V-Cutter

Jet Lathe - 1442 - 1.5 hp
*Used with above duplicator for 1 off bats and sanding

Bat Cupping Set-Up
Jet JDP-15M Drill Press, w 3" Pass Through Scroll Chuck

Self-Centering  set-up that produces a nice bat cup

Lot of 32 Metal Bat templates
*Templates fit both Vega Duplicator and Centauro Lathe
XL1B: 32", 33", 34"
44B: 32", 33", 34"
P72: 32", 33", 34"
R31: 32", 33", 34"
110: 32", 33", 34", 34.5"
141: 32", 33", 34"
161: 32", 33", 34"
243: 32", 33", 34", 34.5"
271: 32", 33", 34"
302: 32", 33", 34"

SAND-RITE Drum/Brush Sander (For Bat Ends)

Earlex Spray Station with 2 Spray Guns, and needles

Branding Set-Up For Bat Personalization, Includes:
Drill Press Branding Iron - 350 Watts
Hand Held Branding Iron - 350 Watts
6" Wide Brass Slotted Head for interchangeable 1/4" characters
Assorted 1/4" characters including full number and alphabet

***2002 Centauro T-5 Lathe - Serial # 1079***
Includes AG-125 Knife Grinder/Sharpener
Phase Converter to operate on 220
Electric Boxes - and Voltage Regulator
New Set of Knives (less than 50 bats) 3.5mm & 0.6mm

***The lathe is not under power and is in storage at my warehouse.  I had a problem with the finish gouge follower locking in place and not following the template.  I tried to fix this but I was unable.  I was told it's a spool valve on the finish copier that needed to be replaced.  It took several weeks to diagnose, and at this point, I was under water and took the lathe out of service and stored it at my warehouse to stop the bleeding of cash.  I have a video highlighting the issue.  If anyone has a mechanical background, or knows machines, they can fix (I couldn't as I don't know machines and I would have to pay someone to look at it).  I have discounted the package accordingly - figure 12 hours of having someone look at it at $75.00/hr to go through it, and with parts and a budget of $2,000.00 (my estimate), you are back up and running bats at 1 bat every 3 minutes.  These machines really turn bats quickly.***

Machinery is located in Westfield, MA 01085.  Additional pictures, and video, available to serious parties.  I prefer to sell the above in bulk, but reserve the right to sell individual pieces should I be presented with a reasonable offer. 

If you've been thinking of upgrading, or know the above machinery, you know that price for the above is more than reasonable.  Please don't waste your time or mine with lowball offers.

For more information, but reply to me directly (and not post on the forum) at, or 413-478-8440.  Matt Avery.

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Hi Matt.  Looks like a good deal.  May I ask where you got the 3" pass through chuck?  I currently have a similar setup but with a modified wood vise.  


John MacDougall

Matt, are the templates still available?


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