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What is the difference? I've seen Tiger Maple go for cheaper so is it less quality than regular maple?

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There were tests run once that showed that bats with a very light hint of curly did not show a significant drop in strength. BUT... those were some very light "HINT" of curl. I too would not recommend to make bats with STRONG curly figure.
They Should be considered BLEMS OR DEFECTS. Straight grain Maple with a good ink dot rating only should be used for games. Chose a bat with a long taper and a slightly thicker handle and a heavier length to weight ratio than -3 for the best overall durability.
What is the taper exactly?

Taper refers to the barrel to handle transition. In other words a C243 would be a fast taper into the handle because the barrel is long and leaves for a short transition into the handle. A C271 is a long taper because the barrel transition to the handle is very slow and gradual.
Oh, ok. I understand now. Yeah, I usually go for a bat with a long taper. Fast tapers don't feel comfortable and just look downright odd.


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