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Good Morning Everyone,

Any guidance on models to shape for billets that are 98-99oz. With the exception of heavier training bats that players have requested, I have found it difficult to utilize these billets to shape a (-2), (-3) in most models. Any help is appreciated.


Kevin Sekula

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Kevin, it’s been a while since I turned any bats, I used to use those billets to produce 141 and 271 with a 2.4-2.45 in barrel full cup. The barrels were a bit smaller than what I normally made but gave me an option to use up heavy billets and have more bats on hand when at tournaments. I only did 32 and 33 and they would end up in the -1.5 to -2 Oz range after finishing.

Those weights are perfect for trophy/award bats.

271, youth and softball. The drop 3 is a big myth


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