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I've been reading this forum for awhile.  I still play and am amazed with the work you all do.  I love collecting bats from different companies.  I currently own bats from close to 30 different companies.  I have also finally turned my first bats off of a Harbor Freight lathe.  Babe Ruth couldn't swing these things, but at least they are mine.  


So I'm interested in knowing what all companies are on here and what are your websites?

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Stefan from ASBats ASBats on Facebook.
Pat from: Paul Bunyan Bats on Facebook

Bobby:  That's cool you have bats from so many companies!  What a collection.  Now you might as well own the ultimate wood bat - PowerWood. :-) 

John MacDougall

MacDougall & Sons Bat Company

"H2W"  Here 2 Win Wood Bat company.  Let me know which bat you want for your collection.

H. Aristy

Christine and Tom from Barnstable Bat Company or  since 1992

Derek from East Coast Bat Company.


East Coast Bat Company

Great.  With all these bat makers I have a simple question.  I'd like to have a custom bat turned.  What is the smallest diameter barrel that you would recommend for a 33" bat around 30 ounces?  Thanks, best of luck.

P72's have a 2.4 barrel.

David at D-BAT


when i make a 33" around 30 oz i normally have the barrel around 2.5 but you could probably get it out of a 2.4  or so.


I'm thinkn I can get a little more bat speed with that.  I assume a P72 is a factory model from D-Bat yeah? Also a thin handle yeah?

NAH, most wood bat companies have a model 72.  Ours has a .93 handle and a 2.4 barrel.



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