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I've been reading this forum for awhile.  I still play and am amazed with the work you all do.  I love collecting bats from different companies.  I currently own bats from close to 30 different companies.  I have also finally turned my first bats off of a Harbor Freight lathe.  Babe Ruth couldn't swing these things, but at least they are mine.  


So I'm interested in knowing what all companies are on here and what are your websites?

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Hopefully you will get this in time for me to make a christmas gift purchase.  I looked at the dbat

web site and there are several model 72's.  Which one has the 2.4 barrel?

D bat has several model 72's which one is it specifically?

All of our 72's are turned the same regardless of the wood.  The weights will vary between Ash/Birch/Maple from -2 to -3.  Hope this answers your questions.

FYI, Babe Ruth in 1920 used a 54 ounce bat and often used bats with weights of 42,40,38 ounces . Most of the Babe's bats were 35 to 36 inches long. I've been lucky enough to have examined and handled 35 1/2 inch Babe game used bats that tipped in at 40 plus ounces. Real solid bats with great straight grained material. Babe ordered on average 3 dozen bats per season.  As to the P 72 the 2.4 inch barrel is standard but many hitters see the barrel as very small so some makers boost the barrel to 2.5 inches. Just as the "true" model C 243 has a 2.6 inch barrel many makers trim the model to 2.5 inches to shave off ounces.  tom

  I speciallize in Birch bats. Have a few models to pick from.

HI Bobby,

I'm a new member. Our company name is "Escamilla Bats". My son and myself manufacture wood bats in Pinconning, Michigan.  Our website is" and we are also on facebook under Escamilla Bats. Hopefully, this will help.



Hi Bobby,

Chris here @ Sandlot Stiks. 

for your reference.  Welcome to the group.




Welcome to the group – I'm envious of your collection.

We are ProXR, the only ergonomically correct baseball bat – designed to give players precise control, improved grip, more power and the smoothest swing in baseball. ProXR is the first & only angled knob bat (a RockBat with a ProXR knob) ever used in MLB. As such, it was accepted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 2011. We were also awarded Best of Show at the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in 2011.

While we are a very small company, the ProXR innovation is changing the bat forever. Players and coaches at every level of baseball are trying it and seeing, first hand, how this "that makes sense" idea really improves feel and performance.

Lots more information on our web site –

Grady Phelan

Chris Flores

Cameron Bat Company

Barnstable Bat is still here !! 21 years in the bat making biz. Ash,maple and birch.  ,    ,   ,      Great wood ,great bats. Thank you to all of our loyal customers and Checkswing!!!

Jason @ Chirp Bats

Odo Bat Company, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


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