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Good Morning,

A few questions. I have been turning bats for about 2 years now and probably make about 100-150 bats a year for some of our local kids in travel ball. I have been running into a issue where when I put my steady rest on, cut the remainder of the bat and take the steady rest off, the bat is off center and wobbles, almost a slight bent appearance. I use a grizzly lathe with a copier. I believe it might have to do with the sharpness of blade causing vibration causing the steady to be offset or the steady rest is offset when i put it on( about 1/2 way done with the shaping). Any insight would be great to cure this occasional issue. It only happens about 1-2 times out of every 10-12 bats made but is causing a cost issue. Also, looking for an upgrade on a lathe, any recommendations that would be reasonable without spending 15-20K+ which would require me to take out of my garage into a shop. Thanks Kevin

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Yeah, my guess is that your tool is not sharp enough, and it is moving the end of the billet on the tailstock.  Sharper tool - less pressure on the wood.  Also, try not taking so much wood off at once.  Check the hole.  If it is no longer round, you can shave off the end and find the original center, which should put you back square.

As to a new lathe, consider Nova - it's a bit of overkill (really designed for bowl turners, but I have been using mine for over a decade making a slightly larger number than you per year, and in that time all I have had to do is replace the power switch.  I have the fore-runner of this model -

Thank You Michael

Hi, i use a king canada wood lathe and i am pretty sure we have the same copier. I have had that same issue. I stopped using the steady rest. I also used a higher speed. It takes longer because you take off less material per pass and of course you must keep your cutter as sharp as possible. I use diamond files, staging to finer grits. Anything i can do to help messahe me at


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