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An Out-of-Control Throwing Arm Produces Very Predictable Results

Poor Results = Early Loss of Arm Control

With a hip tilt at the top of your front leg lift, as you move down the mound, you use throwing arm to offset your stride.

When your front foot hits the ground, your stride tempo will determine your throwing arm path.  In the end, your throwing arm path…


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A Hip Tilt Destroys Your Command

(This blog takes your “pitching improvement” conversation from what you see to how your body interprets what you see.)

How do pitchers with a hip tilt perform at the highest levels?

Just because you see a lot of professional pitchers lift their front knee above…


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What messages does your starting position send your body?

A 1-inch difference between release points means a 7-inch difference at the plate.

Elite location (nearly 65% of your pitches travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt) comes from your starting position telling your body’s invisible blueprint that, as you move down…


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What’s at the core of your location?

In past blogs we’ve defined single-legged “balance” as having your weight centered within your knees which brings your core into an upright position. We promote “balance” not only to keep your glove arm free to rotate your body around your core, but to keep your core upright.

From the top of your front…


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In Youth Baseball Outfielders Who hold The Ball Too Long

  I've seen it happen in almost all sports even at the professional level. In hockey I've seen players holding the puck too long when they should either shoot at the net or pass the puck to another teammate. This happens a lot on power plays especially if the team has that rare two-man advantage. In basketball we see some point guards holding the ball too long when they should be trying to either penetrate the key or pass it off. Of course…


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Amazing Library of Hitting Videos- Dustin Lind

I do not know Dustin Lind but greatly appreciate the time and effort he has put in while accumulating the hundreds of videos in this library. Actually, thousands of videos when you consider there are several videos of most players in each folder. This is a tremendous resource for any player, coach or parent. 

Be warned, you may end up spending hours watching…


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Does Your Initial Back-Knee Position Impact Your Results?

When do your pitching results suffer?

When you begin your delivery with your back knee to the home plate side of your back foot, as your front foot comes off the ground, you end your backward hip shift with all your weight over your back foot and your core tilted from front to…


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What Pitchers fail to consider?

The Truth about Pitching.

What you think you see isn’t what happens.

Human nature dictates, when you see something you don't understand, you come up with a reason for what you see.  When you see…


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Branch Rickey scouting reports

This is very interesting.  The Library of Congress digitized thousands of scouting reports written by Branch Rickey from 1951-1964. 

The scouting reports are found here.

More info:

The approximately 1,750 baseball scouting reports from the 1950s and 1960s presented here are part of the papers of Branch Rickey (1881-1965), best known as the executive…


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Causes for NOT engaging your lower body.

Anytime any movement forces you to prematurely use your throwing arm for balance, you’ll use your throwing arm to offset any weight into your foot plant, lose your target area and shorten your competitive pitching career.

How does a lower body disconnect…


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Morristown Naturals Looking For Coaching Help and a few players

The Morristown Naturals play in the Morris Majors League Web Site below

Most players are college age or older most played in college or could have Very fun very competitive wood bat baseball league 2-3 games a week all over Morris County

Most players live in the towns surrounding Morristown (Randolph Madison Hanover Morristownship…


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Special event - Major League Catcher teaches free online workshop

A FREE online workshop with 2013 World Series winning catcher Ryan Lavarnway starts Monday.

Ryan Lavarnway will be sharing Major League secrets for better RECEIVING, FRAMING, BLOCKING & faster stronger THROW DOWNS.

Click here to register for the free catching workshop…


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Youth baseball finds safety in new bats, but at a price

Youth baseball finds safety in new bats, but at a price

Organizations are being mandated to switch to bats that perform like wood, which make hit balls slower. But it's a whole new expense.…


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Ron Washington, Launch Angle, You're Killing Me - Anyone else feel this way?

Originally found at

I am not one of those that always say, “The way we used to do things was the best.” I believe in getting on with the times. However, with some of the coaching methods now, like what Ron Washington teaches, I am not sure it is helping youth ballplayers. It is important to realize that kids are just developing their skills and…


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How your pitching chain drives or destroys your results?

Do you really understand your pitching chains?

The movements you see within any Pitcher’s motion comes from the Pitcher’s instinctive drive to keep their lower body as their center of balance.

- A Pitcher with a lower body center of balance gives their body no reason to use their arms to get…


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A baseball scout and his hotel room: A love story spanning four decades

A baseball scout and his hotel room: A love story spanning four decades

, USA TODAY SportsPublished 12:08 p.m. ET March 19, 2018…


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Star Spangled Banner Bat (tm) Flag Pole GIVEAWAY!

We have done quite a few giveaways where CheckSwing Members have taken home some great baseball gear to use on the field. This giveaway is unique, fun and patriotic!

Baseball is America's Pastime. Here's your chance to show that you believe this!

CheckSwing and Barnstable Bat Company are teaming up to give one lucky CheckSwing member a Star Spangled Banner Bat (tm) Flag Pole!  If you're wondering what that is, here's a photo:…


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Elite College Coaches Give Recruiting Advice

Mike Fox, North Carolina Baseball

Q: Does the scholarship amount you offer a player predict his playing time?

A: When we meet with a young man and his family, there’s always two big elephants that walk in the room. And those are, “How much are we going to offer you and how soon can you play?” It’s a conversation about dollar amount and playing time. As important as both of those things are, you should understand that the two of those things…


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Expect better pitching results!

How often do your pitches do what you expect?

Every pitch you’ve ever thrown has an impact your next pitch result. Seeing your next pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt while displaying the movement you expect tells you your long hours of preparation were worth…


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When Winter Never Ends- Ichiro Suzuki story

When Winter Never Ends

How five days in February reveal what Seattle's signing of Ichiro cannot. The future Hall of Famer is haunted by the life he can't escape.
by Wright Thompson

This story appears in ESPN The Magazine's April 2 issue, The Dominant 20.…


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