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Coaching Youth Baseball - Power Hitting by Paul Reddick

Players need strength, agility, and the savviness to know what pitch to take in order to become true power hitters. In Power Hitting, Coaches Paul Reddick, Jeff Cavaliere and Tom Clark demonstrate how to warm up safely and swing with the correct stance, positioning and technique. 

As a bonus, this program also includes strength and conditioning exercises to maximize your young hitters’ potential. Let the experts show you how to start knocking it out the…


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Phony scout

Anybody in the maimi / lives in boca raton area be aware of a guy juan ubanis posing as a mlb scout for the Atlanta braves he stoled 1,000 from my son for a workout and said the braves are going to sign him and never did. He stop all communication and took his money and disappeared. Any information on this guys please post or blast on this sight so he dont hurt no more kids dreams !!!!

Added by brandon Almodovar on January 2, 2016 at 6:30pm — 3 Comments

What's The Most Important Pitch Of An At-Bat?

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Youth Baseball Practice Plans: Ages 5 - 8 by PlaySportsTV

Beef up your baseball season with 20 hour-long practice plans full of youth baseball drills, skills and coaching tips developed for beginner and intermediate baseball players. These practice plans are perfect for coaches, parents and volunteers coaching kids ages 5 to 9 how to play baseball.

This course can be found here:…


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Coaching Youth Baseball: Ages 9 to 12 by Scott Bradley

Welcome to the wonderful world of Coaching Youth Baseball!

We've designed this plan for coaches, parents and volunteers who want to learn more about baseball while developing their ability to teach youth players. Take pride in the commitment you've made to the youngsters. This plan is specifically intended for use at the beginning of the Kids Pitch levels of youth baseball, or what we've titled "Ages 9 to 12". Inside, you'll find an entire library of exclusive video drills, coaching… Continue

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Perfect Your Throw by Zoned Sports Academy

Every time you take the mound you're looking for that no-hitter. Envision yourself pitching the game where every ball you throw is on point and just out of reach of the batter. 

Join the ranks of Nolan Ryan and Cy Young by making that game a reality with this 9-part instructional course by Mike Battista. This seasoned pitcher and instructor at Zoned Sports Academy will guide you through the techniques every baseball player should know for proper…


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Cross Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers by Tom House

Cross-Specific Skills and Drills for Pitchers provides a detailed overview of how (and why) pitchers can work on the efficiency of their pitching skills. Appropriate for players and coaches at all competitive levels, this course presents a series of innovative drills that are designed to reinforce exactly what the "best pitchers" in baseball do to perfect their basic pitches—fastballs, breaking balls, split fingers, and change-ups.

Among the topics…


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Batting tees: the good, the bad, and the ugly

The batting tee is one of the oldest tools known to baseball coaches.  There are some really, really good things about batting tees, but there are many abuses as well.

The Good

The BEST thing about batting tees is that they are great uses of space in large practice settings.  I have 25 players on my varsity roster and one batting cage.  It takes over an hour and a half to get all of our players through the batting cage, even if we split the cage in half…


Added by Kyle Nelson on December 21, 2015 at 8:50am — 1 Comment

Hitters: Quit Chopping Wood, Don't Go for Backspin

Hitters: Quit Chopping Wood, Don’t Go for Backspin

Around little-league parks, and even on the back fields of certain schools and…


Added by Will Laurence on December 20, 2015 at 4:37pm — 2 Comments

Pitch Like the Pros by Justin Meccage

Former New York Yankees pitcher Justin Meccage brings you 11 instructional training videos to learn how to Pitch Like the Pros. Bringing his experience and expertise of the major leagues you will learn the proper grips for pitching, release motions and how to maintain a consistent pitching routine. The best way to become a pro is to learn from a pro, here is your chance!

This course can be found here:…


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Coaching From The Stands Is Confusing For Athletes

Kevin Eastman (@kevineastman) is Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Los Angeles Clippers. For the…


Added by Bill Stanton on December 17, 2015 at 3:09pm — 6 Comments

Hitting Tips by Mike Scott

This nine part hitting series covers hitting mechanics designed by Mike Scott Baseball. Each short video instruction is designed to correct common faults such as rolling the hands, poor bat angle, and correcting muscle memory. Also discussed are drills for better body rotation and hands through impact. These videos are designed for little league age through college players.

This course can be found here:…


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Let 9 Positions help you with your baseball needs

Hello my name is Chris Fuentes. I'm a former player and coach. I am an umpire in multiple levels of baseball but I'm also a representative of 9 Position Sports. We're a Baseball Equipment Company. We sell professional model bats, gloves and accessories. You can view our website for our stock. We offer discount rates for large orders. Which I would be more then happy to discuss with you. My contact information is:… Continue

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The Complete Guide to Hitting for Beginners by Zoned Sports Academy

Zoned Sports Academy brings you the best training guide to get your team hitting home runs in no time. You will get the low down on everything you need to know from picking the right gloves and bats to the best stance for optimum power. Coaches love hits, teammates love home runs and fans adore the big slugger. Become a fan favorite today with the Complete Guide to Hitting for Beginners. 

What you'll learn:

- How to select your…


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50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate by Luis Ortiz

50 Things a Hitter Needs to Do to Be Successful at the Plate presents a detailed overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in sound hitting. Based upon his experiences and observations from when he played professional baseball, Luis explains and demonstrates each factor in an easy-to-understand and apply manner. This course is designed to be appropriate for baseball coaches and players at all competitive levels. 

Among the topics…


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Baseball bat sensor giveaway is closing soon!

Hi guys! Just want to make sure you had a chance to win the bat sensor we're giving away! It's our way of celebrating the rounds of sensor we did and the final product review. 

You can enter to win here: Win a bat sensor…


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Chaz Lytle Baseball Bunting by Chaz Lytle

Down by one run and your first batter walks.  Moving the runner to second and into scoring position is just a sacrifice bunt away.  Have you spent enough time in practice preparing the batter for this situation?  Do you have the confidence that they batter will get the job done?  Having good bunting fundamentals will give your team a chance to win the game. This video offers the strategies and techniques of bunting.

This course can be found…


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The Swing Worth Millions by Charley Lau Jr.

This course by Charley Lau Jr. delivers the most informative baseball hitting information gathered, illustrated and taught by the hardest hitting name in baseball. The most efficient baseball hitting mechanics used by today’s best sluggers such as Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, Matt Kemp and and many other of today's elite sluggers.

Charley shows you the best baseball hitting drills to develop a high performance swing for all hitters and includes…


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The Dirt Makes the Difference

If you have ever practiced on a traditional portable pitching mound and then on a real dirt mound in a game, you know how different it feels to pitch off of the real thing versus pitching off of a plastic surface or turf covered surface portable mound. RFP Mounds are manufactured to the specifications of the major league pitching mounds, featuring removable trays that are designed to hold Hilltopper™ mound clay, and, most importantly, feel just like the real…


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Catcher's 101: Baseball Catching for Beginners by John Marshall

Coach Marshall covers all the essentials with this seven part series on how to become a catcher. You will receive instructional videos specifically tailored to selecting equipment, catcher stances, giving signs, wrist position and blocking pitches. Might be a beginner now but by the end of this course batters will fear you and pitchers will love you. 

This course can be found here…


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