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T-Ball America & Marty Schupak has posted a "Quick Tip."

Quick Tip #11

  When you start coaching your t-ball team, the gathering of information from your library, the internet and speaking to other coaches cannot be overlooked. Another source that I have used in my 25-year coaching career may surprise you. I have developed some of my most creative and popular drills from other sports. This is what I call "cross sports drills."  Whether it is a drill in football, basketball or even ice hockey,…


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T-Ball America & Marty Schupak Show Two Quick Tips

Quick Tip #10

  Using household props can and will stimulate t-ball players. I learned a number of years ago that kids love to use props when doing an activity. As long as it is safe, I would encourage coaches and parents to be creative and use household props (or old toys). Here are two examples related to catching for young t-ball players:

1) Cut 2 plywood circles 1/2 inch thick with a 9" diameter.…


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List of resources for coaches and parents

Thought I'd start to compile a good list of some of my favorite baseball training resources around the web. - HUGE site full of baseball resources.…


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Tips About Throwing For T-Ball Players By Marty Schupak & T-Ball America

  Throwing is one of the hardest skills to teach young baseball players correctly. Bad habits are hard to break and so are good habits. The problem is if a t-ball player or youth player develops a bad habit and it is not corrected at a young age, the bad habit can continue. There are many tips when teaching kids throwing. I'll discuss just a few here. When first year t-ballers first start throwing, get ready. Many times it is bombs away with the balls flying all over the place. This…

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Shoulder Injuries in Pitchers

Baseball pitchers can avoid significant shoulder and elbow injuries however they need two things, a strong posterior rotator cuff, internal mobility and pronation of the forearm through release point. If any pitcher can get these three things right, you will eliminate shoulder issues.

The posterior cuff is the back side of the shoulder. You can see from the photo, there is less muscle mass on the back side…


Added by Rene LeBlanc on January 25, 2017 at 2:00pm — No Comments

How the Big-people (parents and coaches) Sabotage Hitters

Do you hear 'coaching cues' like...

    •    "come on, you have to make sure its a good one"

    •    "a walk is as good as a hit"

    •    "don't help em out now"

    •    "take a good look at it"

If yes, we need to work with your hitting 'cues'. The right hitting Communication cues can transform your teams hitting culture.

See where your system scores....…


Added by Dave Holt on January 24, 2017 at 9:33am — No Comments

Mental Aspects of Pitching

The mental game of pitching is one of the most misunderstood parts of the baseball. Many pitchers with undetermined attitudes and mediocre coaching can leave one very frustrated and insecure. Insecurity creates doubt which creates a severe lack of confidence. Once confidence is gone the pitcher is “gone.” Good coaches have good tendencies on when to pull a pitcher from a game by being able to…


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9 Things Good Sports Parents Avoid

9 Things Good Sports Parents Avoid

In …

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T-Ball America's Marty Schupak Discuss The Progression Method

 The "Progression Method" is a basic common sense approach to coaching youth sports. In t-ball it is especially important not to impose too much teaching at one time with young players. I learned long ago it is not a good idea to over coach and under teach. In t-ball one of the worse things a coach can do is go right into a drill expecting the players to be somewhat proficient without any skill instruction. For example years ago I observed a coach's first practice and he got his team into…


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Recruiting Column: Interview with Lewis-Clark State baseball coach Jeremiah Robbins

Recruiting Column: Interview with Lewis-Clark State baseball coach Jeremiah Robbins


USA TODAY High School Sports has a weekly column on…


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T-Ball Quick Tip

  The first time players on your team try hit the ball off a batting tee, it may be the first experience for some of them. Here is a tip that will benefit some of your players especially the younger ones. Use as many batting tees as you can. If you have twelve players on your team and have four tees, divide your team with three players in each group using parents or assistant coaches. Try and keep the younger players in the same group. Make sure the groups are spread out. With the tee…


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Has Tournament Baseball Improved the Landscape of Travel Ball?

Has Tournament Baseball Improved the Landscape of Travel Ball?…


Added by Bill Stanton on January 13, 2017 at 10:38am — 2 Comments

T-Ball Quick Tip

  My first year ever coaching was for my middle son's t-ball team. The games were three innings and each half inning was played until the complete batting order batted around then the teams switched. About a third into the season I realized the players at the bottom of the line-up were missing out on a big part of the game. Because if they got on base they were the last ones to do so in the inning, once the last player batted, the inning was over. They never experienced the running of…


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A T-Ball Tip That Is A Sure Thing

Here's an idea that has been a "home run" during my youth coaching career since I started doing it. Have a team newsletter.  Ask for a volunteer to do this at your parent's meeting. You'll get more than one volunteer. For a ten game t-ball season, you can have three newsletters. For a fifteen game season have four. You determine the number based on the number of games your t-ball team plays. Here are a few musts:

1) It must be a hard copy, not an…


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Before Manny Became Manny

Before Manny Became Manny

Manny Ramirez, the High School Legend…


Added by Bill Stanton on January 5, 2017 at 2:47pm — 2 Comments

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