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Off Subject Post

Just took some time off and got back to Mother Nature a little bit. Was able to take my new Geaux Yak out fishing. Came back with a limit of redfish. And my new fishing kayak with pedals was very impressive. Was able to maneuver good in shallow water. Anyways, I guess back to the work and baseball grind that I love so much on Monday. Will be making some new posts soon on a few pitchers that I've done analysis on in the past month. Till next time!

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Jacob DeGrom Pitching Mechanics

After watching Jacob DeGrom pitching mechanics and watching him pitch in the MLB World Series in 2015 for the New York Mets I became intrigued by his poise and control on the mound. For his tall stature DeGrom is very athletic as he was a shortstop in high school.

I noticed DeGrom has a tremendously long stride which has its advantages and disadvantages. By having an extra long…


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Noah Syndergaard Pitching Mechanics

I was able to watch a great pitching matchup in  game 2 of the nlcs. After watching the first few innings I was able to grasp a feel for his Noah Syndergaard pitching mechanics and proceeded to do some research. For a 6-6 lefty I must say you can see the athleticism.

I noticed his arm was slightly late to the up and ready position at the time of his…


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Pitching Mechanics

I wanted to talk about what is called the Inverted W and the definition of what exactly it is in regards to pitching mechanics. We personally have not coined this phrase but we use it often and we feel it best describes a motion in where the pitching arm side elbow and glove arm side elbow get above the should before, at or after front foot…


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Todd Peterson LSU Pitching Mechanics

I was able to watch LSU vs Southeastern Louisiana in a midweek game. I sat by LSU’s bullpen and was very troubled at some of their young bullpen arms. However, with that being said I was able to watch Todd Peterson pitching mechanics. He is a freshman from Florida. I left very impressed and wanted to do an analysis of his…


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Jake Arrieta Pitching Mechanics Analysis

Jake Arrieta has been dominating MLB the last year in a half. Baseball people are wondering, “where did he come from?” After taking a closer look it is easy to realize how he created his success. Jake Arrieta pitching mechanics are picture perfect but difficult to repeat.



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Weighted Baseball Throwing Programs

Over the years there has been huge controversy over the use of weighted baseball and programs to increase velocity. Here is our analogy of what happens. After a period of time being on this program a player will see gained shoulder external rotation mobility and lost internal rotation strength.…


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Corey Kleuber Pitching Mechanics Analysis

I’ve been studying Corey Kleuber pitching mechanics since his rise in the MLB with the Indians and even more in the 2016 World Series vs the Cubs where he pitched games 1, 4 and 7 on three days rest. After noticing some problematic mechanical issues I was even more worried about his arm health after his workload in the playoffs and especially the World Series. You can see in the first…


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Shoulder Injuries in Pitchers

Baseball pitchers can avoid significant shoulder and elbow injuries however they need two things, a strong posterior rotator cuff, internal mobility and pronation of the forearm through release point. If any pitcher can get these three things right, you will eliminate shoulder issues.

The posterior cuff is the back side of the shoulder. You can see from the photo, there is less muscle mass on the back side…


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Mental Aspects of Pitching

The mental game of pitching is one of the most misunderstood parts of the baseball. Many pitchers with undetermined attitudes and mediocre coaching can leave one very frustrated and insecure. Insecurity creates doubt which creates a severe lack of confidence. Once confidence is gone the pitcher is “gone.” Good coaches have good tendencies on when to pull a pitcher from a game by being able to…


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