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"Mastering The Mental Game" an interview with Ken Ravizza

"Mastering Baseball's Mental Game"... Here's an interview I did with Ken Ravizza

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(VIDEO) How to Throw Smoke Using a Breathing Stick!

Hey guys...check out my latest blog post, check it out.

Trust what you FEEL!


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"Why I Teach Movement... Not Mechanics!"

Tell me something please...

Why doesn't every pitching coach

Teach Movement, Not Mechanics?

  • Movements are natural, mechanics are not.
  • Movements can be FELT, mechanics cannot.
  • Maybe you just didn't know?

You could make a million throws in a row and none of them, not a single one would show up exactly the same way on the video, or computer screen.

Heck.. You can't even write your…


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The Core Velocity "Touch & FEEL" Top 25 Baseball Programs

Hey guys... 

Here's my latest post ....

After watching the "TOUCH & FEEL" videos found inside... (BTW - They're interactive videos that allow you to choose what you want to see and hear.)

Would love to get your feedback and hear what you THINK!  …


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What Does The Glove Really Do... Firm-up or Pull?

Are you struggling with inconsistent velocity, or command?

If so, you may want to watch the video I have for you today.

I’m going to teach you how to make a small change to just your glove side. And it’s going to be easy, trust me.

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(New Podcast) Answered: 5 Questions That Plague Pitchers & Get Pitching Coaches Fired

(DOWNLOAD & SHARE)  ANSWERED-5 Questions that plague pitchers and get pitching coaches fired...

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In celebration of Rex’s 5th Birthday, I’m giving you a chance to get the entireCore Velocity Belt System for only $5. Yeah, $5., that’s not a misprint. Typically, The Core Velocity System costs $349.…

In celebration of Rex’s 5th Birthday, I’m giving you a chance to get the entireCore Velocity Belt System for only $5. Yeah, $5., that’s not a misprint.

Typically, The Core Velocity System costs $349. However, it’s my son’s 5th birthday and I want to celebrate it with guys like you.

I’m actually having two contests. One for first-time Core Velocity buyers and the other ‘belt contest’ is for current Core Velocity Belt owners.…


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"Nothing Worth Having, Comes Easy!"

If only more kids were taught the value of hard work…Or, were actually given credit for their hard work instead of being blamed and told this game isn’t for them.

Today’s long-winded email is my personal story as a college coach and how anything is possible if you actually believe in yourself and have the desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals in life…(This is one of the most…


Added by Lantz Wheeler on April 30, 2015 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Download This Long-Toss Program...

Hey guys, here's a long toss program that you can use.  

Would love to hear your thoughts!  

Long-Toss Program Download

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(NEW) Long Toss Program for Pitchers & Position players <Download>

I’ll never forget what I learned about long-toss from a southern Baptist preacher out in the middle of Mississippi.

I’d driven almost five and half hours across the entire state of Mississippi to watch a junior college baseball game. I was recruiting a pair of right -handed pitchers, one’s name was Lump and the other, Montrell.

Both kids played for a juco out of Mississippi and I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was going to see when I watched these two pitch that day. I…


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You Ever Heard Of "Velocity Breadcrumbs?"

I don’t normally talk about the pitchers I train, but today’s story is different.

Everyone needs to hear this one.

It was cold as hell at the Christmas Camp in Nashville that night back in 2005. It was my first year at the NCAA D1 level and what I was watching had me excited, in fact I couldn’t wait until I could coach this kid.

The season passed and I can still remember the first day of practice. It was one of those scorching hot Nashville August…


Added by Lantz Wheeler on November 18, 2014 at 1:10pm — 1 Comment

(Video Review) The Cure For The Inverted W

You’re a pitching mech-addict, let’s face it.

But, here’s the ironic part.

What I’m going to show you goes against what you’ve been taught about pitching mechanics and it’s going to help you get over your addiction.

The reason you’re addicted is because you’ve been looking at it backwards, focusing on the symptom and not the cause, valuing key points and desirable positions.

Think of this as your first day of rehab and you’re about to look…


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Take this to Vegas because if there’s such thing, as a “Sure Thing”, this is it!

We’ve all heard history has a way of repeating itself and that’s not about to change any time soon. 

In a moment I’m going to reveal the $1 Million prediction…Plus I’m going to finally share with you why you’re so frustrated and confused about this “pitching thing”.

Let’s take a step back in to time before moving forward to the future….

It’s late July 2011 and I’m…


Added by Lantz Wheeler on October 24, 2014 at 10:20am — 2 Comments

Why You Could Be To Blame For Players Body Language!

Why this may be the most important message you've ever read...

Can mental toughness be taught?

You want to know what I think?


But you know what…

  • It starts with parents and coaches like us, we’ve got to hold our kids accountable inside every single activity!
  • We can’t let them off the hook and point the finger at the umpire, coach or teacher and when that “poor me” body language pops up…




Added by Lantz Wheeler on September 5, 2014 at 1:24pm — 4 Comments

Pitching Tips Easy Enough My Drunk Uncle Could Master!

Here's my latest video post at BaseballThinkTank....enjoy!

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(Video) Why this should always be a pitcher's 1st adjustment!

Why do we make pitching so complicated?

Most coaches are quick to blame everything on pitching mechanics, but very few realize that your ability to throw strikes has very little to do with pitching mechanics!

In fact, it starts with your EYES!

It's true, the first adjustment every pitcher should make is....THE EYES!

You'll be amazed at how quickly this changes things for your pitchers, don't believe me....try it yourself!

Click the link below and SEE for…


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Why this was DIFFERENT!

In about 5 hours, I’ll be heading over to Wrigley Field for early BP and to catch up with my guys.

But today is different than all my previous visits...

Back in 2005 I met this kid while coaching at Lipscomb.

To say he was “baseball crazy” is an understatement.

As a high school kid he weaseled his way into the clubhouse at Greer Stadium, it’s the AAA affiliate in Nashville of the Milwaukee Brewers.

He shined shoes, chased down balls, anything and everything he could do… Continue

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How To Evaluate High School Pitchers To Project Future Velocity!

Here’s what I ALWAYS looked for with pitchers, when I was a college pitching coach...

In fact, its so important, it’s the reason…

Why l always chose the 85 MPH pitcher over the 93 MPH pitcher, and would do it again- EVERYTIME!

In today’s Featured Post-Im going to reveal…

  • Why I didn’t use a radar gun to gauge velocity-and why every pitcher had to have these 3 things for me to recruit them.…

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