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Hello out there, I'm a new member here, and i was just trying to find information/advice on "queen bee mechanics/drills" for pitchers. I'll appreciate anyone's advice on the subject. Thanks again, Armando Perales.

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Comment by Mike Torres on February 9, 2012 at 10:53pm

The "Queen Bee" concept is something Paul Reddick coined. It is his way of saying you have to go directly to the source of the problem instead of dealing with all of the individual mechanical flaws in a pitching delivery. Paul is hated by traditional pitching coaches, but I can tell you from experience using his recommended programs that his stuff works (from LLers to College). I can also tell you that he is passionate about making sure youth athletes stay healthy and play this great game for as long as they can. I've met him personally and dealt with him for a few years now and thus far he has been a man of his word. Just google his name or 90mphclub and you'll find his stuff. If you know any hitters out there, please check out and recommend my blog,

Thanks and the best to you,

Coach T.

Comment by Armando Perales on February 13, 2012 at 8:57am
First, I appreciate the info about "Queen Bee" topic. I want to thank you for your invitation to join your group. Actually, my son is a sophomore, plays many positionsam he made varsity on. His freshman year as a catcher. Indeed, he will benefit from on more hitting advice since that's a very important part of the game. Thanks coach, and you have a nice day.


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