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6 vs. 6 T-Ball Game, The best way to compete in t-ball

By Marty Schupak and

Teach players a game of 6 on 6 t-ball.


No gloves. Soft covered ball. A batting tee and drop down bases.


If you can be progressive and like to think outside the box, then try 6 on 6 t-ball without gloves.The purpose of this type of game is to keep the players engaged. In any t-ball game there is too much sitting around without enough activity for players on teams that sometimes will number in the teens. I’ve seen t-ball teams with 15 and 16 kids on it. I know leagues are under the gun in t-ball when kids sign up late and the commissioners or board of directors just assigns them to teams but if you want kids to return the next year, you have to keep them engaged and stimulate them. With 6 players, all you are fielding is an infield. Put two coaches in the outfield. I promise the kids will get more out of a t-ball game(s) played this way. And without gloves, they are forced to catch bare handed. Just make sure the ball is soft enough.

  1. If each team of 2 teams has 12 players, put 6 on one field and 6 on the other.
  2. Do the same with the other team.
  3. Mix first year players with second year players.
  4. Everyone bats  in order 1-6.
  5. Alternate innings going 6-1 the next inning and so on.
  6. The players only play the infield.
  7. Players must switch positions every inning.
  8. Coaches will play the outfield.
  9. Play a 3 inning game.
  10. After through with each game, switch one of the teams with the other and play a second game.
  11. Continue following the same rules as mentioned.


I have mentioned that some parents have bought what I call pancake t-ball gloves that could not catch a sponge. They are made overseas and are made by the millions without any thought, just volume. Try the bare handed method with a safe non-threatening environment. If need be, put 7 kids on the team with one outfielder. It is imperative that playing without gloves the ball being used is safe. Today there are so many types of balls out there, you will find one. If not, invent one yourself. you’ll make money if you market it right.


Giving kids 50-75% more batting repetitions and potentially more fielding chances than normal t-ball games with 12+ on a side.

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                                        Bob Woods, former pro baseball player and coach

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