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(This blog takes your “pitching improvement” conversation from what you see to how your body interprets what you see.)

How do pitchers with a hip tilt perform at the highest levels?

Just because you see a lot of professional pitchers lift their front knee above their front hip doesn’t mean it’s something you want to do.

In fact, based upon the way your body works, it’s something that’s going to destroy your command and hold back your pitching career.

These pitchers work through their front leg lift by working out a relatively consistent stride tempo. They’re effective, but not dominant. (see You Determine Your Pitch Location for more information)

How does your body interpret a hip tilt?

“Balance” is your body’s drive to keep your hips level. 

The instant some action creates a hip tilt, a combination of your stride and your throwing arm offsetting your front leg action brings your hips back to level. When this happens, your stride tempo determines your throwing hand position which naturally impacts your command.

Before your front foot comes off the ground, by simply using your legs to center your weight within your feet, you turn your stride from something you do into something that happens. Your stride tempo becomes a non-issue. Your throwing arm continually comes through a tiny, location-producing release window.

We teach to the way your body works.

Because we must teach to all skills levels and ages, recommending you lift your front leg a few inches off the ground is our way to make sure your front leg lift keeps your hips level and won’t be detrimental to your command.

As long as your front leg lift keeps your hips level, feel free to to lift your front heel as high as you want.

If you have questions about your front leg lift, feel free to contact me for a free FaceTime pitching consultation.

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