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A Pro Pitching Institute Blog – Basic Fastball Command.

How your body works.

You’re bombarded with volumes of print, hours and hours and hours of video and unclear verbal instruction, but, when you tear everything down to its bare essentials, this is what matters.

  • Your body is instinctually driven to keep itself in balance.
  • One simple decision - where, before your front foot comes off the ground, you place your feet - determines the size of your target area.

Place your feet under your hips; your catcher’s mitt is your target area.

When you begin with your feet under your hips, you’re able to position your back knee to the second base side of your ankle.

Once your front foot comes off the ground, your lower body maintains your balance and, more importantly, your arms are free to move the way you want.

With your arms free, you use your glove side to rotate your body down the mound.

At foot plant, your rotation creates a glove side imbalance where, to get itself back in balance, your body makes a spontaneous throwing reflex.

Your fastball command is driven by your foot placements which …

  • generates your front leg lift position which
  • allows you to rotate down the mound which
  • spontaneously brings your throwing hand through a very tiny and extremely productive release window.

Begin with your feet too far apart; you expand your target area.

When you begin with your feet outside your hips, your back knee begins over or in front of your back foot.

Once your front foot comes off the ground, to keep yourself in balance, your body places your weight over your back foot.

With your weight over your back foot, unless you stride, lead with your hips or work to create hip to shoulder separation, you won’t move into your release.

At foot plant, your body is naturally driven to get itself back in balance. Once in balance, your throwing arm is now free to complete your motion.

Never knowing where your ball will end up means you choose to place your feet outside your hips which...

  • causes you to end your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot which
  • forces you to shift your weight down the mound which
  • uses your throwing arm for balance which
  • at foot plant, frees your throwing arm to complete your motion which
  • instead of being a reflex action, turns your release into an independent action.

Our “Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks” shrink your target area.

By following the benchmarked process outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you expect every pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s target!!!

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their fastball command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute “Do It Yourself Pitching Benchmarks”.

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