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A Pro Pitching Institute Blog – Shoulder Your Command.

Not only is your weight distribution controllable, but by staying in balance, you keep your throwing arm free to instantly respond to your lower body activity.

How your body works.

  • When your body is in balance, your shoulders are level.
  • Level shoulders allow your throwing arm to complete your delivery.
  • Therefore, when your body is in balance, you’re able to complete your delivery.
  • Your body uses your shoulders and arms like a trapeze artist uses their pole.


Weight over your back foot.

Ending your front leg lift with your weight over your back foot promotes shoulder tilts.

With your weight over your back foot, you rely on a forward weight shift to move your body toward your target. The instant your movements create a forward weight shift becomes the instant your shoulders tilt.

Your lower body is responsible for leveling your shoulders. Once your front foot gets back on the ground, your lower body pushes can level your shoulders. However, due to the delay between your front foot contacting the ground and your release, unless you’ve discovered a productive leg tempo, you never really know where any one pitch will end up???

Weight centered in front of your back foot.

When you begin with your weight centered just in front of your back foot, with the right movement sequence, you use your lower body for balance, your shoulders remain level and your arms are free to move the way you want.

Because your shoulders remain level into your foot plant, your upper body instantly responds to your lower body activity. In the end, your body naturally creates an extremely productive throwing reflex.

Once you make these movements and sequences the core of your delivery, you come to expect every pitch to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt.

The Pro Pitching Institute “Benchmarks” promote level shoulders.

By following the “benchmarks” outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you expect your level shoulders to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher’s target!!!

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their fastball command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute “Benchmarks”.

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