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Dave Holt, a CheckSwing member, long time coach and all around good guy reached out to us to ask for some help to gather some feedback.  He sent us this:

"The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) the National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS) and USA Baseball are considering putting together a National Coaching Certification Program for all levels of coaches throughout the United States.  This would be somewhat similar to what soccer and hockey have created.  The concept would be to encourage ALL national organizations to participate (USA, NFHS, LL, CR, BR, Pony, AAU, USSSA, Triple Crown, Perfect Game and more...).  "

Dave is on the ABCA Certification Committee and his goal is to get feedback from CheckSwing members and see if this is something that the ABCA should pursue.

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey:


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