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Baseball coaching tip of the day

Remember the primary rule of coaching youth is, “Be prepared to have a backup plan for any and all scenarios.” It is important that coaches realize they are dealing with young kids, who are unpredictable and busy, and second, they are dealing with parents who are often the same, not to mention stressed out, also.

Stated another way, coaching school rule #1 – have plan b, c, and d ready, especially in the world of travel sports. It’s easy to become embarrassed from time to time because you cannot get enough players to show up for a game or to have to wait twenty minutes after practice until al kids are picked up.  

To avoid the above coaches should:

  1. Have enough players from the beginning or a resource where you can count on getting another player or two for those times when players cannot make games for whatever reason.
  1. Think ahead of what you can do when so and so calls to say their child will not make today’s game.
  2. When a season-ending tournament is possible upon winning remind parents of this often, so they do not over schedule at that time. Winning for advancement but not having enough players to attend is a problem for many travel coaches.
  3. Ask parents for as much notice as possible when kids will miss games or practices.
  4. Remind parents when practice ends. Remind them the coaches have a life too, and although they will not leave a child alone afterward, they appreciate promptness.

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