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An Athletic Stance Guarantees Sustainable Command

Whether you’re a Little League Pitcher, already pitching professionally or any level in-between, ending your front leg lift in an athletic position is one of the undeniable differences between sustainable fastball command and not knowing where your pitch is going to end up.

Every athletic event starts from an athletic position.

No matter the sport, except for pitching – we'll get into this in a second – you, like every athlete on the face of the earth, begin each play from an athletic position.

Your foot placements give you a stable foundation. When you bend your knees, you automatically center your weight between your feet. These 2 actions put you in a position to instantly do whatever you need to successfully complete the play and keep your Team close enough to win.

Poor athletic positions mean poor results.

You never end your athletic position with one foot in front of the other. Should you choose to do this, you know …

  • You wouldn’t be stable.
  • You’d use your arms to maintain your balance.
  • You couldn’t react as quickly as you need to.

An athletic position where you place your feet in front of one another means, when you make a play, the chances you’re off-balance are huge and the chances the play ends poorly is just as great.

Pitching Ready Athletic Positions.

In pitching, when perched on one foot, your knees become your foundation. Therefore, by ending your front leg lift with your knees shoulder width apart, the chances each pitch travels directly into your Catcher’s target become a given.

When, however, you end your front leg lift with your front knee even with or behind your back knee…

  • You’re unstable.
  • You use your arms to stabilize your body and
  • As a result, you never know where any one pitch is going to end up.

Here’s your bottom-line … unless you end your front leg lift with your knees shoulder width apart, you’ll always be searching for fastball command.

Here’s the good news.

By following the process outlined at the Pro Pitching Institute, you’ll end your front leg lift with your knees shoulder width apart. Once mastered, instead of using strikes or stats to measure your results, you use your ability to deliver every fastball directly into your Catcher’s target to measure your front leg lift.

Tell a friend! Have a friend struggling with their fastball command? Make sure to tell them about the Pro Pitching Institute.

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