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How your body works.

  • Your body is hard wired to keep your weight centered between your feet.
  • When your weight shifts from center, your body dictates your movements.
  • When your weight is centered between your feet, you’re free to move your arms anyway you want.

Is your command something you do?

Performing your pitching motion in slow speed quickly answers this question.

  • When, as your front foot hits the ground, your movements stop, your body is telling you your weight is centered between your feet.
  • With your weight centered between your feet, your throwing arm is now free to complete your delivery.
  • In these instances, your throwing action becomes less-than-automatic.
  • As a secondary action, your command rightfully suffers.

A fair question is “why, when you do your motion at full speed, does your throwing action seem to be automatic?”

  • At full speed, you bring movement down the mound into the equation.
  • Your body still centers your weight between your feet, but, as it does, your body senses your movement down the mound.
  • To stop your movement down the mound and re-center your weight, your body asks you to make a throwing action.
  • Unless you develop a “feel” for that day’s motion, your throwing hand comes through multiple release windows.
  • Consequently, you never really know where your next pitch is going to end up.

Is your command something that automatically happens?

Performing your pitching motion in slow speed quickly answers this question.

  • When you can’t help but end your slow-motion pitching delivery with a throwing action, your body is using your throwing arm movement to get your weight back to center.
  • This spontaneous throwing action brings your throwing hand through the same tiny release window on every pitch.
  • Your command becomes an involuntary reaction.

When you automate your throwing action, even at full speed, your body brings your throwing hand through a very productive and extremely competitive release window.

Every “what” deserves a “how”.

To discover how to automate a consistently productive release window, visit the Pro Pitching Institute.

No excuses, only reasons.

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