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Baseball Jargon - Stepping in the bucket

I've always enjoyed speaking the language of baseball with those who can relate and watching the expression on people's faces that are not close to the game and act like we are speaking a foreign language.  You can almost gauge a fellow baseball enthusiast's expertise by listening to them comment about a game you are watching or a highlight reel on ESPN.  This series will be ever evolving and updated based on feedback comments posted by fellow readers and my daily effort to be around and talk about the game.  This is not a "webster" or "wikipedia" definition page, but more like a translating resource for those wanting to impress in the dugout or just understand what the guys are talking about when watching the game.

Stepping in the Bucket - This term refers to when a hitter steps toward third base (or first base for left handed hitters) with his front foot instead of stepping toward the pitcher.  This is caused by either the hitter wanting to cheat his swing and open up his hips to turn on the ball better or when the hitters is scared of the inside pitch and is stepping away from the ball.

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