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Youth baseball coaching tips of the day

Here are suggestions to make practices vital and competitive. Fun will result from doing these for the serious players. Remember, making things fun does not mean letting kids do whatever or praising them constantly.

Coaches should:

  1. Have daily practice goals - Decide what things to improve upon that day without overwhelming kids with too much at one time. Narrow the daily the daily and individual focus.
  1. Have accountability - Insist that players keep their heads up and their eyes open. It is frustrating to see players’ eyes everywhere but on the action and the coaches. Ask players to try everything coaches suggest and practice them on their own.
  2. Create a game atmosphere - Have players work at game speed, as much as possible. Game competition is hard to replicate in practice because of the lack of pressure but putting players in tense game spots helps.
  3. Encourage inquisitiveness - Cheer players that ask questions. Coaches should explain that they want questions with even the slightest misunderstanding. An open communication system gives players confidence that they have a say, which leads to greater effort and commitment.

Be the Best!

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