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The Bobble Drill can have long term positive fielding techniques for youth baseball and softball players.
1) This can be done with any infield drill.
2) When fielding a grounder, have the player scoop the ball up.
3) Just before the transfer to the throwing hand, the player drops the ball (on purpose) on the ground.
4) He or she picks it up with their bare hands and makes the throw to 1st.
We are teaching kids two principles;you don’t necessarily have to catch the ball to make a play, but stop it and keep it in front of you, and don’t give up on the ball just because you made a bobble. Practicing the bobble ball drill will condition some muscle memory in young play so they will make plays they may have never made.
Bonus Tip From The Youth Sports Club: The square bunt vs. the pivot bunt. And how young is too young to teach bunting.
Through YouTube:

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