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The ability to focus and calm the mind is another quality for player success. Those learned qualities are difficult when athletes must deal with over-demanding coaches and parents. When adults expect too much, they inhibit player concentration and the chances of success diminish. Athletes end of playing not to make mistakes and pleasing their parents and coaches. They become afraid of a challenge for fear they will let others down. Even more disconcerting it that the fun also diminishes when adults apply to much pressure on kids.


The problem is that most of the time the adults do not even realize they are over expectant. What to do? Coaches should:


  1. Create a learning environment where kids are comfortable with accepting challenges and view mistakes as learning experiences.
  2. Teach players to believe their teammates will pick them up when they fail and that they will do their best to do the same when others struggle.
  3. Help parents realize the amount of pressure they exert on their kids and that is not helpful in the long run.
  4. Remind parents that if they help you develop a love of the game in their kids, the young players will want to work their hardest to achieve success.   


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