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Care but Do It with Integrity and Class

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Care, but Learn to Do it Right

Even the sports coaches, who act like complete jerks and display behavior that is questionable in today’s sports culture, have the most important ingredient for sports coaching. The quality that the great coaches display is - they care that “all” players improve and coach with that attitude. Most sports coaches care to some degree or at least believe they care, but many do not know how to coach in ways that convince others that they care. When they do not win, people abandon them soon.

However, parents search out the win at all cost coaches and respect them, even though their means often degrade athlete’s character. These parents only want on the field results and do not look at the big picture. What parents fail to realize is that the long-term effects of such coaching techniques could harm their child’s mental makeup.

The thing is, even though the “jerk coaches” get away with what are borderline offensive words and actions, there is a better way, while still playing to win. You can care and do it with integrity and class. Go online, read about, and follow the principles, methods, and examples of guys like Joe Maddon, Tony Dungy, Mike Krzyzewski, and John Wooden.

Be the best without being the jerk!

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