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Of course, youth sports have changed from years ago, what hasn't? Many would say for the worse, but whatever, you still need to deal with the present situation.
Along with it having become big business on the grand and personal levels, the biggest change is the parents of athletes. Most feel like they have to be the voice for their kids. They do not hesitate to speak their mind to their kids and to the coaches. That parental involvement often leads to kids who do not learn to deal with life situations and less respect for coaches. Both are unfortunate results.
What to do? Maintain a kid first attitude, even if parents do not seem to appreciate your efforts.
Some ways to do that include:
• Understand that often what you get is the parents’ desires and not necessarily the athletes.
• Build up player self-assurance because it is often torn away at home by over expectant parents.
• Never challenge player toughness as coaches did years ago.
• Do not use any demanding physical activity as punishment.
• Be politically correct. Many sayings that were once common in sport are not anymore. For example, “You throw like a girl,” is inappropriate.

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