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Coach for success. Coaching for success goes way beyond winning that day’s game or any championship. There is nothing wrong with coaching to win but winning is a temporary thing. Success coaching is crucial because it affects kid’s lives for a long time and even off the playing fields.
Coaching for success is making athletes feel they are a valuable part of a group. It’s about never taking away their self-esteem and doing your best to put them into positions where they have the best chance of succeeding. It is convincing kids they are winners when they show effort, regardless of their individual statistics.
Keys to the above:
1. Help kids and parents understand that success is not all about winning or being great.
2. Create a learning environment where kids can relax, have fun, be themselves, and play without fear of making mistakes.
3. Show belief in and praise all players who are willing to work.
4. Teach players what it means “to compete,” which is giving their all regardless of score or personal emotions like being tired.
5. Never allow kids to think “Who they are” is defined by “How they do.”

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