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Coaching Own Child - Be Aware of This

Baseball coaching tips of the day.

Do you know the secret to coaching your child's team?

Parents, who feel they can do a better job coaching than their current child’s coach, should step up and do it, especially if you are going to complain about the coach. However, If the motivation is simply to help further your own child’s development, it is best that you allow others to coach and work with your child on your own time.
Furthermore, if it seems like your child or you often get mad when practicing together, or they never want to practice with you, it is not a good idea to coach their team.
And, if it seems as though your child plays better when you are not at their games, you may want to reconsider.
If you do coach their team, remember the key to coaching one’s child is to coach as if your child is not on the team. Treat them as just another player, period!
Obviously, you have to become a good actor and may have to explain this to young players, but it will be worth it for your child's enjoyment of playing for you.
Be the Best!

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