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Coaching Tips of the day

You are responsible for displaying and teaching what sportsmanship is all about. That begins with not assuming athletes and parents know what is right and wrong. Explain from the start of the season what conduct is wrong.

Also, point out displays of a lack of sportsmanship that occur at your games or even in the news.  If you do something you are not proud of, apologize and explain it was out of character and that you don’t plan on it happening again. Emotion can get the best of anyone and all deserve a second chance. Failing to apologize or control behavior is a good way to lose respect.

Never assume kids do not notice adult behavior at games. If kids think verbally abusive behavior is funny because others laugh or see others just blow it off, they may act the same at some point. You must tell kids why certain behavior is wrong and unacceptable.

Be the Best!

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