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Coaching teenage and older players requires a different strategy than younger ones. The motivational methods (tricks) you used with younger athletes will probably not go over so well when kids reach the teenage years. 

Coaches should:

  1. Treat players as adults and not kids anymore and begin that by explaining the responsibilities that go along with their coming adulthood. Those duties include being on time, making good grades in the classroom, hustling on the field, being a good teammate, being coachable, and following team rules.
  2. Fairness, honesty, and communication is crucial. Failing to treat everyone the same with rules and effort levels could cause players to lose respect for you and tune out. 
  3. Not be so concerned with becoming friends with kids this age as much as gaining their respect.
  4. Tell players they are old enough to speak up for themselves and they shouldn’t expect their parents to have to speak for them anymore. Tell them you will listen to their concerns.
  5. Help kids understand that they represent more than just their selves and their team; they represent their, families, school, organization and city.
  6. Hold yourself accountable for each of the above.

Be the Best. If you enjoy the daily tips, you may want to consider “Creating a Season to Remember” for you or a coaching friend.

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