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Congratulations, You are a Winning Coach

Baseball coaching tips of the day

I love to hear when coaches tell me the team only one 7 games the previous year and this season, they won 15 with the same group of kids. The 15 is impressive, but what stands out the most is “The same group of kids.” That tells me the coaches are doing something right. If you can hold things together after losing a lot more than winning, you must remain in youth coaching the next year. Congratulations, You are a winning coach!
It’s not all about winning on the scoreboard but winning the game of life. Losing is as much a part of sports as anything, and how you deal with it is the key. When teams overcome obstacles, don’t let failure get them down, and don’t quit, they are winners no matter what the score or others tell them.
Three statements that I use when teams lose, or kids struggle, that express the idea that someone has to lose but that doesn’t make them losers.
• “You learn more from failure than success” – true when, and only when, you have the right coaching perspective.”
2. “Losing in a curious way, is winning.” (Richard Bach) The point is the same as above, when we learn from the mistakes and improve, you win because of the losing.
3. “Teams that give as close to one hundred percent, as often as possible, never lose.”

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