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Baseball Coaching tip of the day

Players can learn to play with poise. That process begins by helping them maintain perspective through the tough times.

It is common for players to get upset at mistake prone players. You must recognize when a player (or players) becomes upset and shows their displeasure. It is your responsibility to put a stop to players who “show up” any player with words or gestures over a mistake.


Explain to everyone that it is the coach’s job to talk to players after mistakes. A team rule to institute goes like this, “Only those who never made an error or mental mistake can show disgust with someone else.” This rule should solve the problem.


Coaches should explain to all, parents included, that every player has different skill levels and understanding of the game, but all are part of the team and need time to develop. Encourage players to understand, stand by their teammates, and to never display their displeasure with another on the playing fields. Have players learn to say, “You’ll get em next time” after errors.

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