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Difference between Youth Sports and Professional

Baseball coaching tip of the day

You should never use retaliation. DO not stoop to the other’s low level of respect for the game.
The first step to making sure everyone understands what sportsmanship is, is knowing the definition – “ethical, appropriate, polite, and fair behavior.” There’s one word that really exemplifies the difference between the top levels of sport and the youth levels: “appropriate.” What may be proper at the pro levels is not acceptable in the amateur ranks. Often, players regulate themselves at the highest stage. Players and teams at the professional level may use retaliation and other questionable moves that shouldn’t be a part of the youth games.
You must act in ethical ways. However, picking the right moment to point out unfair moves to the perpetrators is important, but doing so in a way that doesn’t escalate the situation is key.
Stay cool and treat those situations as teachable moments. Of course, failing to schedule the unsportsmanlike team in the future is a sort of necessary retaliation.
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