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Do you control your “fight or flight” responses?

Anytime your subconscious perceives an imbalance, your “fight or flight” response produces a physiological reaction.

Within your pitching motion, these are the 4 factors that determine how your “fight or flight” response reacts to your movements.

  1. Your “resting” state – Your body is at rest when your body is in balance.
  2. Your conscious mind – As long as your body is at “rest”, you can move your limbs in any way and direction you want.
  3. Your subconscious mind - Your movements instantly demand your subconscious respond your new state of balance. Until your body is back in balance, your subconscious mind takes complete control of your body’s movements.
  4. Your “Biomarkers” – Your “biomarkers” represent the physiological response to your movements and, because your subconscious mind processes your balance status 50,000 times faster than you can think, your “biomarkers” give a knowledgeable onlooker spot-on insight into your movements.

When your Coach knows how to interpret your “biomarkers”, he can control your subconscious reactions, progressively shrink your target area and, in the end, turn your ability to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher’s target into its own “biomarker”.

Dismissing these realities is a huge mistake!

Ignoring your “fight or flight” response means, despite your best intentions, you’ll never really know where any pitch is going to end up. With your subconscious processing information 50,000 times faster than you can think, conscious movement corrections can only come from managing the messages your movements send to your subconscious.

It’s how we manage your “fight or flight” prompts that separates us from other Pitching Coach. To fast track your “fight or flight” management, contact us.

Skip Fast

Expert Pitching Coach
Professional Pitching Institute


Cell or Text: 856-524-3248


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