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Research reveals that one of the most powerful statements (questions) is “What is your opinion? That is because it automatically makes the receiver of the query feel important and valued. You should use the same approach when working with teams, individuals, and parents.
It is usually obvious to the coaching staff what teams lack, but it is a good idea to ask the players, “What do you feel we need to work on?” You may be surprised with how right even young players are with their response. When people are involved in the decision making, it almost guarantees they will give a better effort, because, after all, “it was their idea.” It allows coaches to say, "Hey, you guys wanted to do this," which is helpful when kids begin to lose interest.
Ask the same with individuals, just not right after games. Also, even though it may be painful to hear some of the responses, ask parents what they want to see done too. Being willing to ask people you respect this question is good, “What can I be doing better to help the kids?”
Remind the parents you will do your best to incorporate new ideas when you feel they are appropriate. Respect often comes to the coach just by asking the question, anyway.
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